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rawr2is250 12-05-13 05:37 PM

Strange oil change and check engine light.
so the other day on my 2010 is250 with 63k miles, my car randomly came out with the oil maintenance required soon. Which I thought was very strange because I had just changed my oil about 1-2k milles prior. Then later on as I was driving I noticed my check engine light come on and wasn't sure if it had any correlation.

On a side note I noticed a really rough start. Not sure if its because I just tinkered with my suspension.

Anyone have any ideas?

P Rock 12-05-13 08:46 PM

If you have nav, there's an option somewhere in the maintenence option to change the mileage duration between oil changes. Was that messed with? That wouldn't effect the CEL and rough start though.

Raybean 12-05-13 09:12 PM

huh? a check engine light will have nothing to do with the suspension. plug a scan tool in and see what code it is giving you. if its cylinder misfire codes you could have the carbon buildup problem. if that the case you should race to your dealer and demand to get it fixed;) .

whitebeast 12-06-13 12:04 AM

Did you reset oil maint remind after oil changed?

rawr2is250 12-06-13 12:38 AM

Thank you guys so much, i'll check it out in the morning. I love club lexus.

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