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jlee403 09-28-13 11:38 AM

I miss clublexus
considering buying an is300 after selling my 250 and missing it too much. has anyone else switched from a 250 to is300 and liked the change? Also if anyone knows how difficult it is to change the is300s' instrument cluster with the 250s care to elaborate?

My god ive been on e90post's bmw forum for a couple weeks now and the only thing ive learned is 90% of the people on those forums are complete pricks and that 80% of the people on the forum only have beamers because their parents bought them one.... the world makes me sad ): Love my car but i hate the community that drives them

jlee403 09-28-13 11:39 AM

also, hows the is300 in snow?

iRyan 09-28-13 12:21 PM

the IS300 is a very durable, reliable vehicle...that 2Jz is bullet proof too...cluster swapping I don't think that is possible has snow mode also like the 250 has.

Ahren111 09-28-13 08:08 PM

We had an 04 is300. Great car, got 200,000 miles out of it without any problems. Probably could have very easily put another 100k on it, but we wanted something new.

jlee403 10-06-13 01:51 PM

yea ive read and heard that those cars run like champs. So any info on how well they do in the snow?

and ive seen a couple videos with is300s that had the 2is cluster installed. heres a random one: skip to like 50 seconds.

RVCAis250 10-06-13 02:37 PM

Woah that's crazy, I wonder if I can swap a 3IS cluster into my 2IS.... :uh:

Sceptre 10-07-13 08:09 AM

I use to have an IS300. Awesome car. Super reliable. Only issue I had with mine was the melting dash. Other than that it was a fantastic car.

You have to be careful buying one. Lots of salvage title ones out there. It took me a good 6 months to find one I liked.

Good Luck!

heyarms 10-07-13 08:22 AM

I picked up an '02 for a daily to garage my is250, i like it. It's nimble and feels light. It lacks the luxuries of a 2IS but its not bad, especially for the price they go for these days. Just trying not to mod this one now LOL.

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