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euroimage 05-10-13 11:01 AM

DIY: sport ebrake pedal
So many of have seen this,

In the description it says modifications needed for install.
So after I ordered this and received it, I found that it is merely a sport clutch pedal.
After removing the stock ebrake pedal it was clear to see that it wouldn't be a matter of trimming the metal bracket to make it fit.
Options :
Put screws thru your nice new pedal ( would look tacky)
Glue the pedal to the base ( probably wont hold up for long)
Fab a backing plate

Obvious choice that takes the most effort but has the best long term affects is the route I chose.

1/8" thick aluminum flat bar (I had scrap aluminum so I did not measure width)
Angle grinder with flap wheel
Screw/nut with a semi flat head
Drill with appropriate sized bit (I used a step bit to recess the head of the screw)
Saw capable of cutting aluminum bar

I did not take pictures of every step, just the important ones.

First take a piece of paper and make a rough template of the size you will need to cut the aluminum to
Then cut aluminum to rough length

Now take your template and use a sharpie to draw it on the aluminum.
Place aluminum in your vice and grind down the sides to the lines drawn with the sharpie.
This part is all trail and error, grind, check, grind, check.
Eventually you will get it looking like a pedal.i made it a tad smaller to make it easier to install the pedal over the backing once it was in the car.
After I was content with the size and felt it was small enough to get in the pedal, but not too small not to hold, I drilled a hole in the center of the plate.
I then placed this new backing plate in the vice and used some pliars to bend the aluminum slightly. Just enough to match the curve of the pedal cover
You will end up with something like this
Be sure to file the edges so there is no rough edges to rip the rubber on when installing
Then take your nice new backing plate and bolt it to the metal arm of the ebrake (there is already a hole there) try your best to align the bottom of the pedal so it looks even with your brake pedal
And you have this:
Then install the pedal cover just as you would with the brake pedal, sliding the plate into the lip of the rubber. Takes some patience to make sure it's all properly in there (which is why I made mine a hair smaller)
Stand back and enjoy your new ebrake pedal that now matches the rest of your pedals!

This may not be for everyone due to the fabrication, but it only took me about 20 mins from start to finish, and I will not have to worry about the pedal getting loose or anything since it as OEM of an install as possible. *installed pic I did not have 100% on, so it is slightly not lined up in that photo*
Any questions let me know!

Sffd103 05-10-13 11:09 AM

noce job and it looks good! Now vacuum your floor mats!! haha:D

euroimage 05-10-13 11:17 AM


Originally Posted by Sffd103 (Post 7931121)
noce job and it looks good! Now vacuum your floor mats!! haha:D

Thanks! Haha Sundays are detail days :p

B16da9 05-10-13 11:32 AM

this thread makes me wish I had taken the sports pedal of my 6MT before the insurance took it. :sad:

Jake 05-10-13 04:27 PM

I have the same e-break cover. Instead I drilled a black screw (to match the screws on the dead foot petal) in the center of one of the black rubber dots and then put a washer and nut behind it to hold it down.

jleeIS 05-10-13 09:49 PM

Looks great! Might be my next mod, thanks for the write up.

10lexISR6 11-09-16 09:56 PM

Such good info! Im subscribed

strikeraj 11-10-16 06:16 AM

just wondering... if going through the trouble of fabing an aluminum backplate.... can we just make the pedal itself?

pchang619 05-11-17 12:45 AM

Has anyone made this? I am not handle at all but if anyone selling one. I would love to buy it from them. I already got the pedal clutch.

10lexISR6 05-11-17 07:15 AM

Just buy an extra brake/clutch pedal, drill a hole through one of the black rubber pads and there is a stock hole behind the ebrake pedal. It lines up almost pefectly. Zero issues and looks legit. Although the back plate way is the ultimate clean look.

mandyfig 05-11-17 08:48 AM

Where can you buy just the brake pedal? Links? I would love to replace mine.


jr4div2 05-11-17 12:11 PM


Originally Posted by mandyfig (Post 9864642)
Where can you buy just the brake pedal? Links? I would love to replace mine.


Singles on amazon

mandyfig 05-13-17 05:33 AM

Sorry, I meant the parking brake pedal. To complete my Fsport set.

Soledad 05-13-17 09:22 AM

Thanks for posting this. I think I'm going to give it a try.

pchang619 05-13-17 11:41 AM

If anyone already made one. I would like to buy it. Please let me know! This will surely complete my pedal look.

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