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bmaez 04-19-12 08:59 AM

Lower F-Sport radiator grill fitment issues?
I was looking into the F-Sport upper and the lower radiator grill for my ride but was told by Sewell in an email that the lower piece wouldn't fit because they are different sizes between the F-Sport facia and my 2011 AWD facia.

I've seen some with the grill installed and wanted to know if any modification was needed to make the components fit. Anyone install these pieces themselves?

Sewell-"As for the lower F-Sport insert, this only applies to IS models already equipped with the F-Sport bumper. The standard lower insert is a different size than the F-Sport insert."


Jeff Lange 04-19-12 12:52 PM

That is not correct, the grille fits fine.


LexoticJ 04-22-12 07:20 PM

So does this lower grille fit the standard bumpers?

Jeff Lange 04-22-12 11:52 PM



NorCalIS 07-23-13 02:38 PM

Alright so I assume I know the answer here, but I'm going to ask anyway. The 2011 lower F-Sport grill most likely doesn't fit in a pre facelift (09 and below) bumper without some modification right? I was looking at it and it doesn't cover the entire gap in the first place on 2011, so I assume with a bit of modding it could fit into my 08 lower grill and look relatively the same. If anyone has more info on the fitment please let me know!!!

Jeff Lange 07-23-13 06:16 PM

The shape is very different, it would take quite a lot of work to get it to fit.

Have you seen them side by side? They're very different.


NorCalIS 07-23-13 11:17 PM

Yes they are different, but honestly doesn't look different enough to be impossible to me... Like I said the Fsport grill only covers the area in front of the radiator, so at least width wise it should fit.

NJLexus13 07-14-14 03:39 PM

I have a 13 is250 and Sewell told me the same thing... It won't fit unless I have the fsport bumper... Is this really true... I can see the problem with swapping it into a 08 but a 13? What could be that different? When I had my fsport lips put on they had to cut a couple holes into the bumper to make the lips fit is this the case with the lower grill?

lysis250 07-14-14 04:14 PM

^^^ that's not true it will fit.

edwin1027 07-15-14 02:08 PM

Perfect fit on 2012. I replaced both upper and lower without any issues.

B16da9 07-17-14 12:58 PM

It will fit just fine on any 2011-13 none fsport model and I know this as I just installed the upper grill and surround and the lower F-sport grill.

NJLexus13 07-21-14 01:16 AM

Thanks I'm gonna buy the lower today...

rizzy 01-16-16 06:58 PM

Sorry to bump an old thread, but can someone confirm the part number for the F-Sport lower grille (2012). I have 53113-53030, but I cannot find confirmation that it is the F-Sport lower.

Jeff Lange 01-18-16 09:43 PM

That is the correct F-Sport lower grille.


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