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mjh09e 06-21-11 06:44 PM

Official Ultrasonic Blue Mica (USB) ISx50 Thread
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Hey everyone! I've seen a lot of threads started for other colors, but I haven't seen one for us USB owners. I'd love to see what everyone is doing with their new 2011 F-Sports, so lets start here :woot:

Here's my IS350:

RastaRacer 06-21-11 06:46 PM

i like this thread already :thumbup:

mjh09e 06-21-11 06:49 PM

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As far as mods go, all I have done is the F-Sport Intake, lighting mods, white caliper decals, 6000k lows and fogs, 35% tail light overlays, and window tint.

Here are some pics:

Rash 06-21-11 08:56 PM

It's been made before.

Official ISX50 Ultrasonic Blue Topic

7PANGET 06-21-11 09:23 PM

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my contribution fsport exhaust, fsport lowering springs, painted caliper black with white lexus decal, nokya yellow fog light bulbs, led interior lights, k&n drop in filter

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ISThree 06-21-11 09:45 PM

7PANGET- was that in del amo mall in torrance?

7PANGET 06-21-11 09:53 PM

in eagle rock westfield

Nelly 06-22-11 02:44 AM

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When I first got her:

Attachment 461362

Only thing I got for it was the f-sport exhaust.

7PANGET I'm really digging the f-sport springs....err! Intake/sways/springs future mods!

mjh09e 06-22-11 07:55 PM


Originally Posted by Rashoodz (Post 6481427)

Thanks for finding that, but it needed to be revived. Having said that, I think this thread is off to a good start.

mjh09e 06-22-11 08:00 PM

7PANGET- Do you have any pictures with your fog lights on? I thought about going yellow, but then opted to just go for the super white look. Still might change in the future if the yellow looks great with the blue.

mjh09e 06-24-11 03:11 PM

^^What brand are your headlight bulbs? They look great.

mjh09e 06-24-11 04:04 PM

6000k or 8000k, because they look like they will match my foglights well.

7PANGET 06-24-11 05:35 PM

oh my bad ur asking about the headlight. its stock hid bulb i didnt change it

kurency 07-14-11 11:07 AM

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Rash 07-14-11 11:40 AM

I hate this thread so much. :(

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