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ISbb 06-04-07 10:40 PM

WALD! Check this out!
It's real! It's Here! Soon...

andoy 06-04-07 10:42 PM

those fenders have to go! other than that, the lip kit looks pretty promissing.

GSE25 06-04-07 10:43 PM

Front is the only decent looking part... I wish they'd extend the middle part out a bit.. reminds me a little of the ACS lip for the E90

IS250 4 Me 06-04-07 10:51 PM

OMG. Why mess with a good thing? The fenders look horrible.

cspec 06-04-07 11:04 PM

Minus the fender... That looks amazing.

9520G 06-04-07 11:05 PM

I love the spoiler, I cant wait to see the final product. How long before the kit is released?

PhilipMSPT 06-04-07 11:06 PM

Yeah. I like everything but the fender. It'll look like a fish with those side gills... :sad:

Fiko18 06-04-07 11:51 PM

what rims are those on the white IS? the body kit looks great. i dont think anyone will be getting those fenders though

fleadog99 06-04-07 11:54 PM

It would be nice to see them fill the front space with a carbon fiber filler piece, and maybe on the sideskirts also. Fenders are not good glad it's a prototype.

Sundance 06-04-07 11:56 PM

The car looks pretty good overall but the gills on the fenders don't work.

Is the 1st pic a photo shop job ?

Check out the reflection from the front wheel on the floor...:uh:


josephdoc 06-05-07 12:01 AM

The trunk hook... taking idea from ACS?

I love it in some way but dislike its busy look overall.

istundra 06-05-07 12:09 AM


Originally Posted by josephdoc (Post 2670313)
The trunk hook... taking idea from ACS?

I love it in some way but dislike its busy look overall.

Agreed. Way too busy.

I honestly do not like any of the Wald Kits for the 2IS.

The first one they had was too round. Didn't match much with the body lines.

Now this one, bleh.

Front lip looks nice tho. :thumbup:

GFerg 06-05-07 12:27 AM

Like the front lip and side skirts (though the front lip is to round for the sharp edges of the IS). Dont like the rear though. Rip off M3 CSL lip spoiler.

MoLexus 06-05-07 12:36 AM

Alittle to much going on in that kit. The rear spoiler reminds me of the Nissan Maxima spoiler with the Nissan sign on the top.

edwardll 06-05-07 12:48 AM

Rice... Maybe the front lip. Everything else.. bleh!

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