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AphexNinja 03-28-14 02:02 PM

New Lexus Owner - 01 IS 300 - Have Some Questions
I've been stalking these forums for a bit and decided to join up and ask a few questions. The community seems great and I'm glad to be apart of it.

I picked her up 2 weeks ago for $7,880, 110k miles -- Looking around on KB I found that the car is worth around $5.5 -- BUT, she came with a few goodies:

- Dual Exhaust that has a pretty fantastic tone
- Cold air intake
- Custom made box in the trunk with 2 13" subs and 2000Ws of power
- A nice deck to go along with said subs, and new cabin speakers as well
- Body kit (My opinions swings both ways with this one, I like it, but feel it could be better)
- Professionally lowered
- 15% window tint all around

I would include the dip paint as a feature, but it's not... haha, the matte black is alright with me, but there's a few spots that are rubbing off... and, I'd rather have a professional paint job. However, being as those cost a gynormis amount and I'm not willing to do it myself, I'll have to wait on that.

Other then that, I hope you guys like her!



1.) The gear changes when the car and transmission are cold seem to be a bit rough sometimes... after I'm down the road a mile or two it's smooth as butter. Is this common?

2.) I checked the accessory belt and timing belt. The accessory belt has cracking and needs to be replaced ASAP. The timing belt, upon visual inspection, has no cracks, but... if it has not been changed for 110k miles I'll be replacing it ASAP as well. So my question is how long does the belt last (90k is the warranty)? But, any personal stories about it going past 120k miles? It would put my mind at ease for the time being.

3.) Every once in a while there will be a rattling directly below and to the center of my car. It happens when my car is in the higher idle RPM to warm up. I'm assuming it's a skid plate / strike plate that has become loose thanks to the combination of bass and exhaust? Upon initial examination I couldn't see anything moving, but I've yet to have my mechanic put it on jacks and look at it. So I'm just wondering if anyone has experienced this / heard of this?

Thanks for taking the time to read! And I look forward to making this car my own.

James4394 03-28-14 08:46 PM

as for ur first question yes the shifting from first to second gear is really rough haha I hate it but after that ur right it's smooth as butter!

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