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Wyzdum 03-24-14 05:54 PM

need all the wiring experts HELP!!!
I have a 01 is300 and the cluster lights turn on but none of the needles work ... Also my security light keeps flashing even after I unplug the theft box ...

mitsuguy 03-27-14 07:57 AM

checked fuses, etc, I assume???

does the car start and run?

Initial thought is something wrong with the ECU, but the tachometer is not driven off the ECU, and if the engine runs, but the tach does not, then the ecu might still be bad, but there is something else wrong as well...

LEDHI 04-16-14 07:54 AM

Try reset battery

Wyzdum 05-25-14 08:40 PM

I tried to reset the battery... The cats runs and drives great just that none of the needles read.. And the gear display doesn't show. All the lights light up tho ..that's why I'm stuck

LEDHI 05-26-14 03:22 AM

There is also a plug that controls your dash odometer reading. Might be unplugged or bad harness. Not sure what the plug is called but it is located by your trans. Try search "odometer plug engine bay is300." It's illegal to unplug this plug cause it stops your odometer reading (if unplugged/damaged tach and speed needles don't work).

Wyzdum 05-26-14 10:02 PM

Do u know the exact location by any chance ? I've looked non plugs look unplugged.. And its weird that all the lights turn on but the needles and display don'twork

LEDHI 06-02-14 02:32 AM

Check out this forum this might help.

Wyzdum 06-06-14 06:54 PM

OK I think its either a wiring issue or BC I removed my abs... Idk bit I got all the lights in the cluster working ..still no needles work ..also the odometer screen is blank ...

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