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ATSMATT 12-15-13 12:57 PM

Twin turbo LSX swapped Is300 built by Dedicated-Matt
Here we go again friends. I may have been the first to swap an Is300 with an Ls based engine but I wont be the last. I've decided to purchase another Is300 with plans of turning it into a drag racing toy. During this build I'll be testing a number of swap parts that I hope can help out a fellow swapper when the time comes.

I was lucky enough to find a 2002 Graphite Grey Is with low miles, no sunroof and black cloth. Personally I've never seen one in person but I love the weight savings and just general cleanliness of the hardtop. My plans for this build is to make a light weight drag car showcasing my fabrication talent while spreading the word of the potential these cars have.

As the build currently goes I've purchased the following:

Aluminum 5.3L LC9 long block
HTZ4299 72mm Turbo from Forced Performance
TR6060 Transmission from a CTS-V
RPS Triple carbon clutch

What is to come:

Motec M150
Lots of custom turbo parts
All the dedicated swap parts
Full engine tear down and build
This list will get longer as we go ;)

This is really the only pic of the car I have. Just test fitting some supra wheels to get and idea of how big of a slick I can fit back there.

Received my new turbo. We use the FP turbos on most of our GTR builds at T1. I chose a 1.44 hot side

As always I stay incredibly busy building Is300 swap mounts. Here's some welds for ya

ATSMATT 12-15-13 12:58 PM

Time for an update. My parts pile is growing tall and "to buy parts list" continues to grow in length. I was suppose to be fitting the rear tires and suspension this weekend but due to weather my parts were delayed. Currently the roads in Dallas are solid ice thus giving me the day off. Instead of staying in my warm home I decided to take the 50 mile one way trip to the shop any way. The next 12 hours would be spent removing the ABS system, tucking the chassis harness and eliminating any unused circuits. It doesn't get much cleaner folks.

I left my camera at home so the cell phone pics will have to do for now. I promise better pics to come!

Lexus mad a poor choice when deciding the ABS pump location. Since this car will be on the track most of its life I decided to delete this completely.

Diving in now you can see it can get overwhelming quick. By now I know most of the circuits and associated wire colors by heart. This will be my 4th wire tuck on this chassis.

Its amazing how much I removed from the body harness. It literally cut the dimensions in half. As you can see I have some old ugly enkei wheels to roll on lol. Drag wheels should be here this coming week. The cutting will commence soon!

This build should be a good test of these motor mounts. I know they hold at least 800whp

As the engine bay sits for now. Hopefully some parts start to show up soon. I'm ready to get serious with this build.


ATSMATT 12-15-13 01:23 PM

Anyone who has owned a Lexus Is300 knows the tiny ass of these cars is not meant for a large tire/wheel combo. Everyone said I was nuts for ordering a 28 tall tire. Armed with a grinder and some hammers I felt confidant I could make it work.

Some test fitting to start my day. 15x10 with a 275/60...challenge accepted. I started by airing these meats up to 40 psi just to help visualize tire growth.

After a some serious rolling and a little cutting of the outer inner fender they fit. I didn't stop here tho. I know this car should squat hard and deflect the tire a bit. So the cutting continues...

Squatin hard still with good clearance in the key spots for tire growth. Obviously the bumper will require some trimming.

After rolling the **** out of these fenders I noticed they would stretch more in some places and pull in other spots. So I decided to just cut off nearly an inch of the fender lip. This is how it sits. I wont be using this rear bumper but I did some practice cuts to see what it might take.

To give you and idea of how much material I removed.

need2boost 12-15-13 07:49 PM

Nice looking setup. Looking forward to this.

MY2J 12-18-13 07:49 AM

sweet build! why not go with some rear Wald fender flares?

ATSMATT 12-19-13 07:17 PM


Originally Posted by MY2J (Post 8286310)
sweet build! why not go with some rear Wald fender flares?

I'm just not a big fan of the fender flares on these cars. I feel with the way the rear doors meet the quarter panel with a flare it just never looks right. I like a good challenge and the chance to use my mind and power tools!

ATSMATT 12-19-13 07:21 PM

Pistons finally showed up so its time to send this guy off to the machine shop. I chose the LC9 block since it has the thickest liners of all the aluminum blocks coupled with the newest block structure available from GM. Although I'm a die hard 2jz enthusiast I still find the technology of these push rod motors interesting.

Wiseco is the only piston manufacture I know that makes an off the shelve forged piston for the 5.3L (3.800 bore). These combined with my heads and gasket should put me around 11:1 compression...yeah I'll be on the corn.

Keeping it light and simple I picked up some "Scat" rods. Who picked that name BTW? Scat"ter all over the track. Anyway each one should be more than capable of handling 125 horse power per hole. They even come with 7/16 ARP 2000 hardware :)

Turbos, intercooler cores and 9inch IRS differential are on the way!


Seize 12-19-13 07:35 PM

Oh man! That's phenomenal!

Thanks for sharing your build with us :)

tjmhillz 12-19-13 09:24 PM

I love all your build threads and they always make me want to do an ls swap lol.

dylyxcore 12-20-13 09:47 AM

quality pics, looking forward to build.

volkce28n 12-20-13 11:59 AM

freakin nuts! can't wait to see the final build and the results it produces.

ATSMATT 12-22-13 08:29 PM

I've developed a rather large pile of parts in the last few weeks. This isn't the last of it either. More piles to come!

This weekend I'll be focusing on my suspension and more tire fitment. Big thanks to Mike over at for all these well engineered pieces. If you're even considering building a lexus you'll need to visit his site. New parts are added all the time.

Turbo kit fab will start soon. Nice pair of 6266's v-band housing

And it starts I did a really terrible job taking pictures this time. I might be able to snap a few of the inner fender work. It involved a torch, air hammer and a 12 pound sledge.

Some of these bushings are a bit of a pain to remove I suggest an air hammer and hydraulic press.

A couple bushings installed with the perfect back drop.

o2IS 01-09-14 05:18 PM

Awesome work! Any updates?

Meatball 01-10-14 12:11 PM

A little curious as to why (I know you said you like them) you chose a 327 GM over possibly a 4.0L SC from Lexus.

99SC42 01-10-14 12:21 PM

Looking Great Matt! Will be ready for Tx2K?

[email protected]$$ parts list dang.

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