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JDMmuscle 06-21-12 02:26 PM

Son shocks dad over and over in IS
Found this today, thought it was funny.

mrbananas 06-21-12 02:32 PM

hahaha.... Lol...

ais300c 06-22-12 10:28 AM

Lololol that's awesome... Crazy British people

d7620 06-23-12 12:39 AM

LOl wtf?! ahaha

01LEXPL 06-23-12 09:05 AM

He should've beat his kid right there and then after the second time.

llllllllll 06-28-12 05:14 PM

If it was the other way around - people would be all pissed off and calling the cops....

people are ****ing stupid

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