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johnandkri 06-29-14 12:04 AM

Lexus Logic
Just picked up our 2014 GX Satin Cashmere fully loaded. We also have a RX and ES. For the life of me U cannot understand the complete lack of engineering logic and consistency ( all vehicles are 2014). The Es has back of guide lines; the RX w/ tow package has none BUT does have automatic folding side mirrors when car locked; the new GX has NO auto folding mirrors when doors locked and this is on a larger vehicle. This lack of consistency between models just drives me crazy.:egads::mad:

bigsley18 06-29-14 04:51 AM

Yeah, I hear where you're coming from. As far as the auto folding mirror on the GX...I'll attempt to make sense on Lexus' behalf. I think the reason why it's not automatic is in case you do take it off road for some rock crawling. When there are close quarters(rocks, trees, branches, etc...), you, the driver, have total control of the mirrors as to when to fold them or not without having to put the vehicle in 'Park' or shutting it off. That's my only reasonable explaination.

johnandkri 06-30-14 03:42 AM

Understand the off road need to perhaps close the mirrors but you can do that from the "in" button of the mirror control square. In other words you can open and close them anytime from the square control panel.

GunnyFitz 06-30-14 04:11 AM

Could ya post some pics of the new one? Hey, perhaps ALL of them together!!

GRAND_LS 4 06-30-14 04:57 PM

auto folding mirrors just makes sense on a truck this high.

T4Fun 07-03-14 10:00 PM

why does the LX have a better info cluster with individual tire pressure readouts, yet our gx doesnt, yet the prado does and much more? Why isnt there air suspension on front? Why dont the leds swivel like on the 2010-2013 premy models with HID. Why arent there cameras on both sides in rear to see oncoming traffic when backing out? i have a whole list of things for the engineers at lexus..

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