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KDLiquidGS 07-22-13 04:42 PM

Gunmetal or Silver? Would love to know what you guys think!
I have a 2013 Lexus GS350 in Liquid Platinum. Considering the Velgen VMB5's but I'm torn between the color options.

What do you guys think?

By the way, thanks Seize for making this decision tougher than what it already is! haha!

Dustin2011 07-22-13 05:01 PM

I prefer the silver. I think they go nice with the chrome accents of the logos, exhaust and window trim.

rominl 07-22-13 05:06 PM


KDLiquidGS 07-22-13 05:20 PM

I'm definitely leaning towards silver.

HUSKERnKS 07-22-13 05:21 PM

Silver for sure

Allb18c 07-22-13 06:11 PM

Silver - but I'm biased...

sydtoosic 07-22-13 06:50 PM

silver FTW...

biggame 07-22-13 07:11 PM

I personally like the gunmetal

HUSKERnKS 07-22-13 07:16 PM

Originally Posted by biggame (Post 8052550)
I personally like the gunmetal

Boooo! Kidding. They both look good.

Nexson 07-22-13 07:33 PM

Gunmetal. I just like that style. Silver still works.

1sWt2GS 07-22-13 07:50 PM

both work for me , i like the silver more though :thumbup:

D2121 07-22-13 08:27 PM

I would have to pick gunmetal! both colorways look great!

yardie876 07-22-13 08:41 PM

I have graphite finished wheels and love the contrast. Can't go wrong with silver though. (I know, this post doesn't help lol)

gotmpower 07-22-13 10:32 PM

Silver for me!

onexcite 07-22-13 10:35 PM

Silver look classy but graphite look mean. Get them both!? :-P

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