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Welcome to CL 12-20-01 07:45 AM

Welcome to Club Lexus! 4GS owner roll call & member introduction thread, POST HERE!

Once the 4th Generation GS is available for sale, we will open this thread as a welcome / roll call for new owners.

EyeKutr 02-09-12 10:32 PM

4th Gen Lexus GS - Rollcall thread
Well everyone, This is the roll call thread. Give us the basics on the car and post pics too.....lets see your new 4GS !!!

Just tell us some basics!
1. GS (Premium, Luxury, or F-sport)
2. Color exterior/interior
3. Nav or No Nav / Mark Levinson or No ML
4. RWD or AWD
5. Dynamic Rear Steer or no DRS
6. Planned mods?
7. What other cars were you considering? What did this replace or add to?

Template taken from CT forum. Thanks SICK. :thumbup:

GSfsport 02-10-12 08:37 PM

ill have to wait until 02/28 for me to get mines. i cant wait any longer from the excitment

jtrue28 02-11-12 06:54 AM

1. F-Sport
2. Riviera Red/Black
3. Navigation w/o ML
4. AWD
5. No DRS
6. I've already re-installed my 6000k Philips Ultinon bulbs. It looks like the lighted sill plates are pre-wired, so I may attempt that again. May also do the F-Sport lowering springs. Will probably do the intake as well.
7. I looked at getting a 2012 GX, but I don't like how the body swallows the wheels and makes it look like it will tip over. I replaced a 2011 GS350 AWD.

GSGUAM 02-12-12 03:44 PM

2. Liquid Platium/BLACK
3. Mark Levinson
4. RWD
5. Dynamic Rear Steer
6. Vossen CV3 Matted Graphite(ready on), Blacked out all chrome, Waiting on CATBACK EXH, LOWERING SPRINGS, Bodykit, intake,BREMBO BBK and more when released!
7. Nissan GTR...

sydtoosic 02-12-12 08:18 PM

2013 gs
being delivered on 2/16/12. can't sleep. need to drive that car. test drove at dealership but not the same as driving mine. bought the nebula gray with light gray int. premium pkg., cold weather pkg.,18 in. whl and tire pkg. added security, spoiler, remote start and nav. pkg. will post photos on the 16th or 17th after i do my own detail.

alienjorge 02-14-12 09:55 PM

GS 350 F Sport with best Tag
2 Attachment(s)
1. GS F Sport
2. White / Carbenet Leather
3. Nav, Mark Levinson, Heads Up Display
4. RWD
5. Dynamic Rear Steer Yes
6. Changing to white rims with chrome lip
7. I was considering the 2012 Infiniti QX57 but then i realized gas, and parking were going to be a mission.

I can tell you that no one has this tag on the new GS.

passnu2 02-15-12 04:18 AM

More pics!

EyeKutr 02-15-12 02:17 PM

congrats you are the 1st to post pics in the rollcall thread , welcome to CL

jtrue28 02-15-12 03:24 PM

I'll get some pics up once I'm able to wash the salt residue off of it....hopefully this weekend.

LVexus 02-16-12 12:00 AM

Hi there!
I have had my GS F Sport for 9 days now and I'm loving it!

1. GS F Sport
2. Obsidian / black
3. Nav, no ML
4. RWD
5. DRS
6. Black tint, lowering springs, black badges when more accessories come out.
7. S4, TL, XF. Replaced an '04 G35.

mordecai 02-16-12 04:59 AM

Interesting, all of the GS have been F-Sports so far. I wonder what the breakdown between models will be like.

sydtoosic 02-18-12 01:24 PM

couldn't wait any longer, the delivery of my car was taking to long. went back to the dealer and switched the gray gs4 with options to the white GS4 F SPORT. waiting for them to do the tints add security, have the premium, cold weather, nav and awd pkg. have to read the window sticker to see what other options it came with. will post 2morrow with more and pics, after i do my own exterior full detail with chemical guys products. also remote start. drove the car home to pick up my brother, went to get my wife from work, used s & s+ mode. the car is sic is all i have to say. lexus did everything right with this one,,,,,,,,except the trunk that flies up when you open it. open the trunk with your hand,,, don't let it go. hold it and open it slowly. tried to post pictures. kept getting upload failed message. lexus tinted my windows, the car is awd.don't know if i'm going to do any mods as of yet . i like it the way it is.

ucla107 02-19-12 01:15 AM

1 Attachment(s)
1. GS Premium
2. Starfire Pearl / Black Leather
3. Nav, w/o ML, 18" Superchrome
4. RWD
5. Dynamic Rear Steer No
6. Not yet
7. 535i, TL, ES

sf00blj 02-20-12 10:41 PM

Received 02/19/12
3 Attachment(s)
The basics:
1. GS Luxury
2. Starfire Pearl / Black Leather
3. Nav / Mark Levinson / Blind Spot Monitor / Intuitive Park Assist
4. RWD
5. No DRS
6. No
7. What other cars were you considering? E350, M37, XF, A6, 535 / Replaced 2004 FX45 (14,000 miles)

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