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chinewalk 07-27-13 02:35 AM

Timing retard on 1UR
Are there any known timing control systems or ways to manually retard base timing? Im going to be running a water/meth injection system and twin stage nitrous. Being able to retard the timing would be very helpful.

XxGoKoUxX 07-27-13 09:22 AM

I've never heard of Methanol/water injection working together with nitrous before, I've used it for FI applications to help aid the intercooler though. How does that work in conjunction chinewalk? (I've never used nitrous, so it's a legitimate question lol).

You should check on the IS-F forums and see if any of them are running nitrous..... I saw on youtube Steve Meade was using Nitrous on his IS-F (mild though, so I doubt twin-staged) and had great results.

designo 07-28-13 12:02 AM

ibidu1 07-28-13 12:09 AM

Ive seen that car run at the BIC, that ISF is def a nasty beast!

chinewalk 07-29-13 12:45 AM

I havent been able to find any ISFs with spray that have done any modification to the factory ecu yet. They seem to be able to take a decent amount of spray on a stock motor. As far as the water meth it works great with nitrous. Cools cylinder temps and increases the effective ocatane, im doing whatever i can do avoid detonation. I have also decided to run e85 in my standalone fuel tank.

chinewalk 07-29-13 12:46 AM

I would like to do direct port but the manifold is plastic on the gs :(

XxGoKoUxX 07-29-13 09:50 AM

Wow, I did a looong search for you, and you're right! Everyone's running off stock setup, no timing retard on their cars... GL Chinewalk :(

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