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msc300 04-10-09 04:02 PM

street parking the lex cant be all bad in ny
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left international car show today in ny this is what i see feel bad for the person who comes back to this

GKourp 04-10-09 04:04 PM

Wow that sucks a ton. Besides that though, how was the car show? I went last year but couldn't make it this year.

Hil 04-10-09 04:13 PM

Oh em g that sucks..

wrong section though

msc300 04-10-09 04:15 PM

car show wasnt that bad some nice things there

sliver2JZ 04-10-09 04:39 PM

Insurance sign in Background LOL

Amini9 04-10-09 06:28 PM

How did that happen!?

One_jZ_SC3 04-10-09 07:49 PM

OMG! that caught me by surprise, man that sucks! :sad:

davidv433 04-10-09 08:30 PM

ouch, why the crime scene tape ? i bet u someone was trying the automatic park on the new LS's lol ......

bangdangvn 04-10-09 09:24 PM

it's one of crazy double decker parking lots?

AD_SC3 04-10-09 09:28 PM

Irony is hilarious :p

Mr.NA_T 04-11-09 01:00 AM

Thats sucks:(

dunnojack 04-11-09 01:23 AM

GS death. Too heavy, and roof too weak.
Proof that the GS is too heavy, and the roof frame is too weak.
it's so heavy, it broke a parking lift. :D

This would fail the new IIHS roof crash test.
Beware, you will not survive a rollover. :p

look at the C pillar. it buckled. The roof arch is supposed to be able to support thousands of pounds of weight. That's what we all learned in Physics.

GSracerRY 04-11-09 02:12 AM

At least they have a number to call for insurance!

THE.K.W.C 04-11-09 02:14 AM

where did this happen i wonder if that car had nav in it ?

drewsc3 04-11-09 04:35 AM

boozled.... irony !

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