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J$mooth23 07-28-14 11:47 AM

Quad or white?
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Been going back and forth on either making the covers white or keeping it black?
I've been getting white from some peeps but will the black flow better?
It's giving me a headache. Can my fellow GS'ers help a brotha out and aleiviate my struggle lol.
Oh and where in SoCal would you recommend is the best place to get these installed? THANKS!

MrHimbert 07-28-14 12:13 PM

Id personally go with black, because it appears you have a black roof, black grille, and black lower valance majig. I think white would throw it off and make it look cheesy. black will integrate it and keep that black lower part flowing well.

offbad 07-28-14 12:41 PM

i'd do black, nice contrast to set off the look

nice mod.

fogs aren't difficult to do, shop will probably charge you an hour of work that you could do in half the time.

1sWt2GS 07-28-14 12:42 PM

your cars coming along nicely :thumbup:

another vote for black

DMPesso 07-28-14 01:12 PM

I vote white if you can match the color exactly to the car which is near impossible to do with old paint. But black would like nice as well too since it would match with the grill and other black trim.

DMPesso 07-28-14 01:14 PM

Post pics when its done i've never seen this mod before and would love to see the outcome!
How much are they and how much to install? Just curious incase I wanna steal your idea :-)

Kyle Harty 07-28-14 01:14 PM

One more vote for black.

armanitran 07-28-14 02:28 PM

Black hands down. With white, it would get dirty faster, Light output looks better with black surrounding :)

msarahalex 07-28-14 02:39 PM

Black u can't go wrong

vipXjunky 07-28-14 02:47 PM

I'll save you the headache and just buy them from you :) lol jk black will look good!

SoCal Cyco 07-28-14 10:18 PM

you have to do black. it would not flow well if it were white

tmf2004 07-29-14 04:24 AM

go with black... I said white earlier but i forgot you had the black roof and mirrors.... keep us posted on the install

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