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vijayn 04-23-13 05:31 PM

GS300 to JZS161 Aristo conversion help
Hey everyone

I will be buying a GS300 soon and I am wanting to put in a 2JZ-GTE VVT-i engine and the 4 speed trans from the JZS161 Aristo which I will be importing from japan.

So far these are the things I have gathered which will need swapping/changing for the swap to be sufficient. Please let me know what needs to be added or removed from the following list.

- Aristo 2JZ-GTE VVT-i engine
- Aristo 4 speed trans
- Aristo throttle cable
- fuel return line (custom)
- Aristo fuel pump assembly or equivalent
- Aristo drive-shafts
- Aristo MAF sensor (pins may need moving around for correct signals to/from ECU)
- Aristo ECU and loom
- Aristo ignitor
- Aristo rear diff & axles
- Aristo p/s reservoir
- Aristo trans mount

What do you think, is the list complete?

Also who here is from NZ, that can give me an idea is to how much its going to cost labour wise to do this job? As I probably wont need any parts as I'm importing a whole JZS161 Aristo complete from Japan for the conversion. Or is there anyone that would like to take this project on for some cash?

The reason I am not buying a JZS161 Aristo is because its too expensive in NZ compared to the GS300. And I cant import a JZS161 from Japan because the emission laws in NZ are too strict

Any help would be greatly appreciated,

Vijay N

chek128 05-05-14 01:18 PM

Ive been looking for a list of things needed to do the swap my self. Like a grocery list.

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