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PinaQkoNga 03-21-12 05:49 PM

Finally pics of my ride
20x9+13 and 20x11+34
BCR coils
I know the front needs to be a bit lower but our streets are fubar.

SPI 03-21-12 05:56 PM

Nice, looks good man, need some front and back shots. Wanna see how the drop looks. I'm goin with a similar setup and also have a white gs.

I think the front looks fine and nice wheels.

tianh 03-21-12 05:58 PM

wow ive always wanted to see how the VIP Modulars would look on our cars. Looks amazing!

tiger4life 03-21-12 06:01 PM

right click, save, i agree with this

tiger4life 03-21-12 06:04 PM

what size tire in the rear? your rears are within 1mm of my setup.

Cartune 03-21-12 06:05 PM

clean and simple, like it

Bnastyy 03-21-12 06:11 PM

looks clean mann

GS300Rich 03-21-12 06:19 PM

Love those wheels :thumbup:

MikeFoxx 03-21-12 07:19 PM

Sic rims bro

1sWt2GS 03-21-12 08:15 PM

wat kind of roof spoiler is that? :thumbup:

nice car!

geeznuts 03-21-12 08:42 PM

Looks clean

PinaQkoNga 03-21-12 09:41 PM

Thanks for all the love! My rear tire size is 255/35 and 225/30f. Front offset are actually +19. Here's a side shot.

Lextasy671 03-21-12 10:01 PM

i like those VIP Mods. needs more low, but like you said..your rodes are fubar.

MrJamison 03-21-12 10:37 PM

Those wheels are sick!!! Ridiculous rear lip!!

YxUxMADDDD 03-21-12 10:39 PM

Nice look.... Now just for the depo tailights and you're major pimpin! Lol

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