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TRD911 06-23-07 08:28 PM

Door Lock Acutuators DIY ???
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I have edited this because there has been several questions about finding these motors on EBAY. The seller's name is tag16c and if you are looking for the motors a good place to start your search is "Mabuchi" the part number that we have been using FC 280PT-22125 If you go to Mabuchi website you can also see there are several other that will work but they want you buy quantities that are high, like 10K, there only like 30 cents a piece. I have attached a picture from tag16c 's auction I do not think he would mind. When I look for the auction I start by typing in Mabuchi then look for that picture below that I posted. I hope this helps. I know that this DIY takes a lot of different turns and it can be hard to follow. I have about 10 motors as spares... I hope this helps.

I did my drivers side door lock actuator today. I took several pics. Would anyone be interested in a small write up with several pics? I would hate to invest time in a topic no one would be interested in. Any comments. Do you guys wanna see my pics? I have never done a DIY but I did it myself and it was not toooooo bad. Feedback will help motivate me. Thanks, B:uh:

If you feel like my DIY helped to save you some money please feel free to donate. My email is [email protected] and is set up for paypal.

See my profile for more information. Thanks, BP

GSteg 06-23-07 08:30 PM

It never hurts to do a DIY. There will always be someone out there looking for something :)

TRD911 06-23-07 08:34 PM

IS there one out here somewhere that I have overlooked?


TRD911 06-23-07 08:37 PM

DIY that is on the Door lock acutuators??

GSteg 06-23-07 08:38 PM

not that i know of. I haven't encountered one.

gobears 06-23-07 09:57 PM

YES!!!! Please!!!!! I need to do one soon.

Thank you.... :)

LexFather 06-23-07 10:15 PM

I don't recall one!! POST IT UP OR BAN!! :)

markgs4 06-23-07 11:00 PM

Ive been waiting for someone to do a DIY writeup on the actuators TO INCLUDE pics...I think there have been a few quick writeups in the past, but it was hard to figure out what they were talking about without seeing the actual pictures of their progress (esp for non-DIY peeps like me:egads:)

So YES, please get motivated to do it :D

LexXxuS101 06-24-07 02:10 AM

my driver side doesnt work anymore:sad:.. i would like to see DIY ,,

xxskylinex 06-24-07 02:13 AM

how do i post a topic!?????

TRD911 06-24-07 08:33 AM

DIY Dirvers side door lock Actuator
The job is really not that hard. I was very surprised that I had to remove the glass from the door to get to the actuator rods that the handle moves. This is my first DIY of any kind so if you have a question you need me to clearify I will do my best. Well this is the start of it... went to upload the pics and they are two big. I have spent the last two hours trying to get the jpg file at or below 100Kb and I cant do it. So I guess my pictures are just too big. I will keep trying but this might be it. If someone can help me get them smaller it would help. :cry:

TRD911 06-24-07 09:02 AM

Okay.. got small pics
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Okay.. I got the photos resized but I wasted my sunday morning doing it. I used a neat utility that I found on google.

But anyway... I am a bit rushed

I am not liable for any information I have given. I have represented this to the best of my ability. If you do attempt to do this do so at your own risk.

TRD911 06-24-07 09:05 AM

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there are several screws and clips that hold the door panel on. the screw bolts are a 9 mm size that has a phillips head inside them. There is screw behind the handle that opens the door. You can use screw driver to pry it out.

TRD911 06-24-07 09:05 AM

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and the screw

TRD911 06-24-07 10:45 AM

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Once you get all the screws out There are several, the one behind the handle is tricky cause you have to get the insert out. There is one under the arm rest as well. This is a pic of that.

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