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Zoolander 04-05-15 01:31 AM

Originally Posted by Unqlyrwstl (Post 8914173)
Hello club I am wondering if 2nd Gen front coils fit on 1st Gen's? I know the rear will not work because of the fork mounting position the 1st Gen has. The front seems similar though. Anybody have any information on this? Thanks!

I'd like to know this to. Will front GS2 coilovers work on a GS1?

Zoolander 04-05-15 01:32 AM

Originally Posted by forcefed44 (Post 8894936)
Nevermind.. answered myself but trying it out.

What was the answer?

OGS300 04-18-15 06:51 PM

Originally Posted by Gensc300 (Post 8775973)
Does anyone know if the 2gs door Window visors fit the 1gs?!?!?!?

no :thumbdn:

keepit 06-23-15 06:09 PM

Will sc300/400 rear toe links & traction arms fit on a 2nd Gen (1998) GS300?
Thanks in Advance.

timh1990 06-26-15 02:29 PM

Is there any lowering Springs from any other model Lexus that fit on 1st gen gs300 struts

timh1990 07-12-15 03:33 AM

Will supra lowering springs fit on gs300 struts

Awdsyco 09-25-15 09:21 AM

Does 99 ES300 seats fits 99 GS300 both F/R?

tonedabone 09-25-15 11:33 AM

I'm a FNG (Frigging New Guy) to this web site. and want to know how to post a question on how to fix the remote door locks on my 2003 gs 300, 180K miles? for something less than an arm and leg!!!

Winh 12-25-15 07:47 PM

Hey guys im trying to figure out some bushing alternatives for the 98' Gs300, wondering if you guys have any insight for:
Lower control arm bushing
Upper LCA bushing
Traction rod bushing
toe arm bushing
subframe bushings
sway bar bushing
differential bushing

would any of these bushings from the Gs300/aristo share the same bushings as MKIV supra, SC etc.?

Im looking for Polys or Hardened rubber maybe considering other alternatives if their worth their price.
As Gs300 parts or Lexus arent that common and fetch a pretty penny. the fact that i live in canada doesn't help either with our fantastic dollar lol

ninjosiah 02-12-16 02:04 PM

Can you interchange interiors?
I have the 95 GS300 and the leather is shoddy from sitting in the sun. theres a 99 being parted out and i was wondering if the interior would fit in mine? its with the electric seats etc and Ive never taken them out before so i thought id have a crack at it.

skytechja 03-21-16 02:03 PM

lowering springs

Originally Posted by timh1990 (Post 9091437)
Is there any lowering Springs from any other model Lexus that fit on 1st gen gs300 struts

hey tim im in the same boat with ya....

a buddy of mine has these loering springs that he too off his altessa...

he says they shud fit on my gs300 but im not sure...

what u giuys think...

do u think these coilover spring wil work just fine with the gs300.
they are Eibach progressive lowering springs

Janitor4 10-21-16 08:18 AM

GS300 Rear Toe links
If anyone is looking for Gs300 lateral links, or rear toe links, basically you have to go with Megan racing or the Stealer-Dealer. Well i have looked online and no aftermarket parts were available which was strange. But then i found Febest page here :
Which shows that IS 300 and Gs300 rear toe rods or links are the same !!!! The price at the Lexus Dealers that sell online is 130$ and 51$ basically for the same part !!!! they should fit each other or Febest wouldn't list one part as a replacement for Lexus parts : IS300 lateral rod 4870553010 and GS300 lateral rod 4870553070 !!!!
I plan to go to the dealer parts window and get the two parts and compare on the spot , but i am sure they are just milking more money for the same part just because it is for GS300 !!!

jabiva 02-13-17 11:51 PM

Sc300 front rotors and gs300 2nd gen
Need new rotors for my 2nd gen gs sport design. Will sc300 brake rotors fit?

what coilovers will fit a 2nd gen gs300?

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