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Meraki Autoworks 06-17-14 11:11 PM

Selling a white iphone 4s 16gb perf con except tiny crack on corner. -120
Perfect iPhone 4s Black 32gb Verizon w/ otter box case- $200
White macbook 6 years old, okay condition, no charger - 300
Passport escort 9500-360

All items are obo, just throwing a general price out there. Buyers pay for shipping, located in socal.

Meraki Autoworks 06-17-14 11:13 PM

Also selling a evic vape, retail is a 100, ill sell for 70 including 3 juices, 2 tips, & a cardo.

neurocity 06-18-14 07:40 AM

Post pictures and post specs of MB.

Meraki Autoworks 07-09-14 03:09 PM

sold the vape, the carrier for the iphone is verizon, the crack is seriously like a mm big. these things are just sitting here.

Meraki Autoworks 07-14-14 05:00 PM

2 Attachment(s)
here are pictures of the items.

Meraki Autoworks 07-18-14 01:19 AM

Still selling the MACBOOK & radar detector

rawr2is250 07-28-14 11:21 AM

Awh, I would have been interested in vape glws

Meraki Autoworks 08-07-14 04:46 PM

bump 10 char

Meraki Autoworks 09-03-14 11:09 PM

bumpity bump

Meraki Autoworks 09-22-14 01:59 AM

bumpity bump

Meraki Autoworks 09-29-14 03:29 PM

bump for the macbook

lexusDummy 10-02-14 09:58 PM

can you post pics of the passport9500 i'm interested

Meraki Autoworks 10-02-14 11:32 PM

its everything youd get with a brand new 9500

lexusDummy 10-03-14 05:27 AM

which Escort Passport 9500 is this the i? ix? or ci version?

Meraki Autoworks 10-03-14 08:51 PM

ooh sorry, its the ix ! blue.

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