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Blueshark 08-07-14 08:36 AM

trunk lid inside assembly wet ?
Notice something weird when it rains, when i open my trunk lid, some water drips from the passenger linkage to the chassis, the part connecting the lid to the chassis covered with plastic. It is a few drips, but if i open rapidly, the choc of the lid make the water drip more.

I took on myself to removfe the lid trim and touch the areas where the water is and it is located on the tail light of the trunk lid just above the drain holes. The water drips from the chassis around the taillight.

I did some test to locate the infiltration:

1. tape all the outside taillight and hose down, it still drips.
2. I touch the inside of the chassis for wetness, and only the areas of the chassis under the taillight is wet to the touch, but no puddle, before water drains out of the oem hole.
3. the taillight assembly is dry, meaning the seal is dry.
4. I use a flashlight to peek inside the chassis, only inside of the bottom part of the trunk is wet, nowhere else.

Off course, it happen only went i open the trunk lid when it is raining, not when the weather dries up.

It is normal the the inside of the trunk lid may we wet when raining or it will be prone to rust in the future.

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