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johncoby 03-31-14 07:57 AM

Clicking sound in the transmission
I always thought the clicking sound I was hearing in the morning was coming from the engine. Then I realized the sound doesn't start until the car is in gear, either reverse or drive. After a few minutes it will go away but until it does, it is a noticeable sound.

I still have a warranty. I am wondering what this could be.

driven905 03-31-14 10:18 AM

I believe this is normal, and the noise goes away after the transmission reaches optimal temperature. I have a 09 and it has the same noise. I am planning to do a tranny oil replacement this spring and hopefully that would lower or remove this noise.

johncoby 04-01-14 08:17 AM

Noisy is the new normal
I find it strange, but I am glad it is not a bearing, if transmissions have bearings.

nevernu 04-01-14 10:17 AM

while it may be normal i would bring it to the attention of the dealer at the next servicing. I mentioned an mild engine tick on warmup and they ended up replacing the whole camshaft assy under warranty.

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