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LADavidGS 11-20-13 03:18 AM

Looking to purchase es350
I am currently looking to purchase es350 for my father. Any recommendations? Anything I should know before purchasing? Any recalls or problems I should know about? Thanks in advance.

lgb0250 11-20-13 05:24 AM

Here's a link that will show you any official recalls/investigations/complaints/service bulletins. Just enter the year, make and model.

I'm sure your father will love the ES. Mine hasn't seen the dealership since the initial service was done. Pretty trouble free vehicle. Most of the complaints you will read about on this board are from those that own models several years old and those are mostly just wear and tear items.

igzy 11-20-13 06:50 AM

ES is a solid car, it was a winner of many quality awards. There aren't many things that go wrong on it. Just do your homework as you would for any other used car and have fun shopping :)

LADavidGS 11-20-13 12:45 PM

Thanks guys for your input. My and father and I test drove es350 last week and he fell in love with it. He really enjoyed the comfort and the smoothness of the car. I currently have 06 gs300 and familiar with the lexus quality. I found 08 es350 w/ navi 55k miles for $18k w/ clean title, is this a deal? What's the average price for the es? Once again, thanks in advance.

lgb0250 11-20-13 03:43 PM

The price is average for a private party sale so yes, I think its a pretty good deal. Mileage is good for an 08 and high mileage is what kills a vehicles resale value. Only thing I would do is have a trusted mechanic check it out and then make your decision. Good luck.

christcorp 11-20-13 09:11 PM

As said, the price is about average. Especially for a private sale. I recently picked up a 2007 ES350 from a local dealer. It had 68000 miles. The dealer "Q Certified" it. (Meaning, 2 year/100,000 warranty) on the engine/tranny. Dealers obviously cost more than a private sale. I got it for $18,000 + $499 for typical dealer BS fees. So your price would be about right for a private sale.

As suggested, definitely have it looked at by a reputable dealer/garage/mechanic.

LADavidGS 11-30-13 10:51 PM

another question,

I found 07 lexus es 350 without navi with 33xxx miles asking 18k. Is this a good deal?

lgb0250 12-01-13 05:25 AM


Originally Posted by LADavidGS (Post 8260398)
another question,

I found 07 lexus es 350 without navi with 33xxx miles asking 18k. Is this a good deal?

While it initially looks like a good price, it doesn't book out that way! Only books at around $17K. Of course it all depends on what options it has but the navi is usually the largest. With the typical options of a non navi car, dealer retail is right around the $17K price. Around $2K less if a private party sale. A lot of the price can also depend on what part of the country you are in. CA prices tend to be higher but then again, there is much more competition to buy from! I assume its in excellent condition and the mileage makes it attractive. Depends on your wants/needs.

My final pieces of advice is something that most buyers don't adhear to. It's only a piece of metal. Don't fall in love with it before the deal is done and if you can't make a deal that you're completely happy with, walk away. Good luck.

liquidz 12-01-13 07:50 AM


Originally Posted by LADavidGS (Post 8260398)
another question,

I found 07 lexus es 350 without navi with 33xxx miles asking 18k. Is this a good deal?

In addition, please be aware that 2007 models of the Lexus ES350 models may have transmission issue. So that's a buyer beware warning there.

That's the main reason why I skipped the 2007 and went up to the 2009 model just to minimize this risk.

ThumperPup 12-01-13 10:21 AM

it all comes down to the area you are purchasing if your in South Floida and going to a Lexus Dealer that can sell it certified CPO
then yeah i think 17-18 is a price to look for at those dealers and decent

if your going to a private seller or a corner lot dealership or any used car dealer other than the actual lexus dealer then i think i have seen them as low as 13k all the way up to 19k

i think 18k for one without any extra options in that model year is a good price for a Buy here pay here lot but not for a normal finance dealer

LADavidGS 12-02-13 01:56 AM

does 07 es350 have major transmission problems?

LexBob2 12-02-13 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by LADavidGS (Post 8261670)
does 07 es350 have major transmission problems?

If you do a Search here you'll find A LOT of reading on an issue with some 2007 transmissions. Some of them had a "flair" that caused the rpm's to spike between shifts in the lower gears, primarily when the trans was cold. I had a very early build (4/06) 2007 that didn't have it, but other drivers reported the issue.

ThumperPup 12-02-13 10:49 AM

my later build 07 has not had any issues with 66k on it no trans issues

christcorp 12-02-13 07:22 PM

Having bought a lot of new and used cars in my life, whenever people talk about a particular issue/problem with a particular year/model/vehicle; that usually only applies to relatively new vehicles. Other than the typical; "Suspension sucks, weak engine, sloppy, etc... that people attach to an entire line of vehicles in their opinions; if a particular car, such as the example of the 2007 ES 350 had "Transmission Issues"; such issues would have been noticed and addressed by now. We're talking a 6 year old vehicle. Unless the car only had 10,000 miles on it and it's been in storage for the last 5 years, I doubt that there's a transmission issue that wasn't addressed.

We're talking about a Lexus. People who buy Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, etc.... (NEW), are not the type that will simply "Put Up" with a serious flaw. The secondary mark is still particular, when you're spending $18-$20K for a used car. But a 2007 Lexus ES 350; NEW; had a base price of around $33,500. Some, like mine, were over $40,000. That's a lot today..... Even more in 2007. If there were any serious issues, it would have been addressed. We aren't talking Kia, Hyundai, or even a Toyota Yaris. We're talking a car that has a demanding clientele; but more importantly, a vehicle that is 6 years old. If that particular car had a transmission issue, I would bet a pay check that it would have become apparent during the ORIGINAL Owner's possession, and it was addressed and corrected before now.

lgb0250 12-03-13 05:47 AM


Originally Posted by LADavidGS (Post 8261670)
does 07 es350 have major transmission problems?

If you go to the link I provided in #2 above and enter the info for a 2007 model and then compare it to other years, you will find that the 2007 was truly a disastrous year for the ES350! Over 230 complaints from owners! Way more than other years. Throw in a couple of recalls, 3 investigations and 25 TSB's and you've got the makings for a dissatisfied ownership experience. But then again, you may never have a problem but, I myself wouldn't risk it.

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