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SICK350 12-30-12 07:56 PM

My 2007 ES350's Mod Thread
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I'm pretty new to the forum and noticed a couple others have made a thread on their builds and thought it would be a good idea to do as well. I recently sold a 2002 ES300 that I poured my heart and soul into and bought a 2007 ES350. I would also like to say I can only post one pic per reply for some reason?? Maybe someone knows the answer to that.

This picture is from the online ad:

SICK350 12-30-12 07:58 PM

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Home safe and sound in my garage.

SICK350 12-30-12 08:03 PM

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-Triple dipped chrome billet grill
-10000k H.I.D. Headlights, high beams and fog lights.
-Ultra white L.E.D. Parking lights.
-Factory turn signals for now.

SICK350 12-30-12 08:05 PM

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The new grill!:thumbup:

SICK350 12-30-12 08:20 PM

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Picture of the 10000k H.I.D. headlights and LED Parking light.

SICK350 12-30-12 08:23 PM

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I changed out the dim trunk bulb with this 9 L.E.D. Panel light.

SICK350 12-30-12 08:25 PM

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Some nice chrome Lexus licence plate covers off of ebay!:thumbup:

SICK350 12-30-12 08:29 PM

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My car doesn't come with NAV and I plan on upgrading the sound system like I do in all my cars. I ordered this double din kit off of for $49.98usd. And shipping was free to Canada.:D

SICK350 12-30-12 08:35 PM

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Thats all i have for now, I've got some more 9 LED Panels on the way for the doors and the interior mirror lights. I plan to put some Coilovers and 22s on the lex before spring if things go good. I would also like to tint the windows and tail lights. I would like to hear comments and ideas!

I threw a pic of the old 2002 Lexus ES300 I sold, I miss it:cry:

chbow 12-31-12 02:01 PM

Can we have a picture of the front with grill installed? Looks sweet :)

02SDGS 12-31-12 02:06 PM

I was never a huge 4th gen. ES, but that one is sick. i'm sure the ES350 will just as impressive

imherenow 01-01-13 12:51 AM

can you take a pic of the new grill from a distance. the above picture is too close and hard to see how it looks overall on the car.
and ya i really like your 02 ES. looks sick in every way

SICK350 01-01-13 08:31 AM

Thanks for all the comments, I've got the car in peices as I'm replacing the plugs and coils. As soon as I get it back together ill post a pic of the grill from a distance. I'll post a bunch of pics of the 4th gen ES in memory.

SICK350 01-01-13 09:00 AM

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Heres some pics like I promised.

SICK350 01-01-13 09:04 AM

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I fiber glassed a double din head unit mounting bracket for the es300, this is after I wrapped it in black vinyl. :thumbup: this is before metra made a kit for the 4th gen ES

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