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Blueshark 11-08-10 09:09 PM

Auto lock ?
Does the ES has that function, i'm tired of forgetting and coming back to the car with the doors unlock. Can't it be programmed in the FOB ?

Dave Mac 11-09-10 07:15 AM

No, I don't think that can be accomplishd with your Lexus. You might ask your dealer but I am pretty sure that is not something that can be changed with the personalized settings.

Dave Mac

miniz 11-09-10 02:28 PM

Is it really that hard to touch the door pull on the exterior of the car when you get out? One touch will lock it.

How many times are you going to ask the same question? Did you not believe us or just not get the reply you were looking for last time?

Blueshark 11-09-10 05:09 PM

ops, sorry, forgot about the double post. I find it dumb that could not be accomplished on that level of luxury. As i learned from experience, my dealership know squat about the particularity of their products, i was told that my UL do not have pudding lamps ???! ...

overclock 11-09-10 05:35 PM

A friend of mine has an older Acura MDX that auto locks when he walks away from the car. Auto entry is nice why not add auto lock?

jkutti2000 11-10-10 08:49 PM

i had auto lock installed as part of an alarm . yes. the best they have done is. touch the door handle.. think about it.. for some.. auto lock wud be a nuisance. .if it would lock each time u walk away and say you dont want it locked if it is in your garage etc.. so best is to use the remote and lock it while walking away.. now u cant be that LAZY.

liquidz 02-17-13 11:08 AM

Don't say I didn't search so here's a thread bump and idea.

OP and myself are lazy people and I am sure there are more lazy people out there. My proposed solution isn't stock and requires modding of the wiring by some experts.

Has anyone every paid attention to how the headlights works? Leave the headlights at the ON setting all the time. When you get out of the car and close all doors including trunk, the car will turn off headlights at the default setting of 30 seconds (can be changed at the dealer). If you open and close the door, but don't get out the headlights stay on indefinitely since the sensors detect you are still in the car, so hopefully this will prevent key lockout. So my idea would be to have a parallel circuit (i.e. use the Bosch auto relay) that uses turning off the headlights as a trigger to actuate the doors lock mechanism.

1) Does the above idea sound good?
2) Now the question is how costly this idea would be from audio shops.

jkutti2000 02-18-13 05:31 AM

sounds good..... I would say. probably. 50-100.bucks.. usually audio shops like to install their own. stuff. so u will be shortchanging them by bringing u r own equipment..

but re capping this Thread... to lock the car we have 3 ways..

1 before exiting. cclick lock all doors
2: press the exterior door button
3 press the lock door on the fob while walking away from the car.

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