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Bumbobee 08-10-14 11:11 PM

Car starts, idles, idles low, then rough, and dies.
Hey guys,

Today I was coming back from a long trip to the lake (450 km) and the car was running great. I dropped someone off, then started the car back up again, it idles rough and died. I tried a few more times and same thing.

I finally held one foot on the brake, one foot giving it a little gas so it wouldn't die, and I managed to shift it into gear before it died. I made my way home, the car felt a little funny as if there was a jerkiness to acceleration. It would also idle rough in gear at stop lights but it didn't die.

There is no check engine light.

I replaced the oxygen sensors, knock sensors, a while ago, maybe 5000-6000 km ago. Car was running fine all this time.

What could it be?

ES300NZ 08-11-14 03:22 AM

gee .. that really could be alot of things.
- vaccum leak, ripped inlet pipe, etc.
- bad MAF,
- bad water temp sensor,
- poor fuel/part blockage or fuel filter obstruction,
- bad coil (s)
- bad earth, or poor earth connection
- VVTI sensor failure.

- a glitch. with the ecu, it learned something wrong and now needs a reset. (start here it's free)

speedkar9 08-11-14 05:55 AM

Idle air control valve,

Bumbobee 08-11-14 07:56 AM

Will try the reset.

MAF sensor is new.
VVT sensors are new.

Will try cleaning the IAC.

Bumbobee 08-11-14 08:21 AM

Just cleaned IAC and throttle body, did not help, problem still there.

PFB 08-11-14 08:54 AM

If you filled it up recently, could it be that you got a bad batch of fuel somewhere on your trip?

Bumbobee 08-11-14 09:52 AM

Filled it up with Shell V-Power 91 no ethanol in a Toronto gas station. First time running 91 octane in a while, and I think first time since changing all the knock sensors and oxygen sensors etc.

Bumbobee 08-11-14 11:58 PM

Brought it to the mechanic and he said it's probably the IAC valve.

He said he will try and clean it and see what happens. If not going to have to order a new one from rock auto. Here in Canada parts source wants 297 + tax for one...right...

Bumbobee 08-13-14 10:52 AM

Mechanic took out the IAC valve, cleaned it, let it soak over night. Put it back in and car works.

Thank god!

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