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3ztwint 08-03-14 10:17 PM

Give me your opinion on a trans fluid change
Just as the title says, I'm looking for personal views and insights on what to do vs not to do. I've done several searches and lots of reading and my takeaway is that do NOT do a power flush, only do a drain and refill. I've also read a post here about the fact that there is the main drainplug and then another near the torque converter (0.7 WTD drain from this location), is there a need to drain from more than just the main drainplug? What would you guys recommend from your personal experiences?

Some info on my car, it's a 97 ES with 212k on it, also of note is that sometimes it seems to shift more harsh from 1st to 2nd when the car is not warmed up (more like it holds the gear longer), this is more if you accelerate slow, and the car shifts very smooth otherwise at most times, it's been that way ever since I've had it, so at least the past 50-60k. Not sure if that plays into whether I should replace or not. Also of note is that since it's a 97, the owners guide recommends dextron 3, what's your take on fluid type for this vintage?
Thanks in advance for your help!

3ztwint 08-04-14 08:21 PM

Any takers here? Looks like most people have no issues with a drain and refill, I'm just leery of the whole "my trans died after a fluid change" mantra that you hear from time to time when people talk about their cars

Lexus2000 08-04-14 09:09 PM

This type of thing has been discussed at length (putting it mildly) here and on other forums. Some swear a "flush" will destroy the transmission others say it is safe. I could offer my opinion but someone else will show and give a different one, bottom line is do what you feel comfortable with.

speedkar9 08-05-14 06:47 AM

Drain and fill, drive a couple thousand miles, and drain and fill again. Good idea to change the filter and clean the magnets in the pan too.

Since your tranny is the older A series, you can get away with using Dextron III compatible fluid.

I have the same drive train in my Solara, and here's how I did mine:

3ztwint 08-05-14 06:09 PM

Thanks for the reply guys! I agree that there seems to be no clear answer when searching on whether a flush will ruin it, so I'll just at it safe and do a drain and fill. That's for the video speed! Did you still use dextron 3? Also did you have any issues with the pan leaking after you dropped it? Last time I dropped a pan I couldn't get a good seal, but of course that was on a Chrysler.....

3ztwint 08-05-14 06:22 PM

NM, saw you used castrol dx 3 in the comments and in the vid. Any issues with pan leaking or trans issues since the change SpeedKar? Thanks!!

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