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faithmkss 10-18-13 07:14 PM

Advice please. Wheel hub bearings/assembly

Hello all. I recently replaced my wheel bearings on the driver side about a month ago. Last week all of the sudden I heard some kind of grinding noise, I thought there is no way it could be the bearings.
Take the tire off, and I see that the dust deflector was in part destroyed which I figured was causing the grinding. And also the abs came out or snapped off, my abs was already not working. So anyhow I took off this dust deflector and it seemed like this noise would go away. Well the grinding went away but a new noise appeared or must of been masked. Totally baffled. I took it to a mechanic (pep boys) to figure this out since most of the work Ive been doing is DIY. So they tell me my hub bearing assembly is bad. A little confused I said I just replaced the bearing, he said well they can be faulty but its not just the bearing but the assembly. I asked him other questions but he would not elaborate he said oh well we dont know if its the drive shaft or the axle, but he originally was for sure it was the assembly. Is it possible that after putting in new bearings they can go bad? Or is it more likely that the assembly was bad in addition to the bearings I just didnt realize it ? Im hoping someone with a similar experience can give advice- obviously this is all guestimation. But I need to know which direction im going here.

Lexus2000 10-18-13 07:50 PM

Did you take the knuckle to a shop to have the new bearing pressed in, or did you do it yourself?

faithmkss 10-19-13 01:35 AM

I did not do it myself, I had someone who "supposedly" knows how to do this. Of course with the right tools. But not to a shop. Do you think that might have something to do with it? Im open to all suggestions.

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