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JediKeith 03-22-14 09:17 AM

Jedi Keith's Ct200h build thread
Hi I'm Keith from Tampa,FL Now this is my first build thread and I take tons of pics with my cell so bare with me. Hope you enjoy! All comments welcome lol.
Ok like I said I live in Tampa so tint is a must so started her off the weekend I got her with 10% tint all around to keep me cool plus I don't like looking like a fish bowl riding around.

For my first Mod I said lets go big or go home so I went with Airrex air suspension

Here's my trunk setup have the side pieces just was finishing them up in this shot

After I installed everything she sat like this. Took a little vacation/road trip up to Atlanta. She rode great!

This was after the first meet I went to. Found a cool run down place I snapped some pics

Then installed some HIDs and puddle lights

Painted my tails, because never really like the "euro look"

Painted some interior pieces black and installed some wood grain

Then it was time to get some wheels after the long 2 month wait which seemed like forever I got the Wheels and tires mounted. 19" Work schwert SC1

And how she sits now

Will try to update this often, still way more to go!

orangedrin 03-22-14 12:50 PM

Ride is lookin' clean! Loving those wheels you got

tmf2004 03-22-14 02:16 PM

we need to see more CT's modified... Very well done...

JediKeith 03-22-14 08:20 PM

Thanks guys!

IAMJAVEDG 03-22-14 09:29 PM

Welcome to CL, it's nice to see someone tastefully modding a CT.

Hopefully we'll see your car at one of the CLFL events. :thumbup:

JediKeith 03-23-14 10:14 AM

Where are these meets held in FL?

Doublade 03-23-14 08:49 PM


Voracious 03-24-14 10:48 AM

Tight, those wheels are hella sweet.

JediKeith 03-24-14 12:16 PM

Originally Posted by Doublade (Post 8446605)

Hey girl hey lol

JediKeith 03-24-14 12:17 PM

Originally Posted by Voracious (Post 8447438)
Tight, those wheels are hella sweet.

Thanks man, I like them but will prob get something else sooner than later lol

JediKeith 05-08-14 06:24 AM

Decided to change up my trunk setup. still not sure what color I want to go with for the tank.

Ro_Ja Boy 05-08-14 08:16 AM

Looks good. Changing out the wheels?

JediKeith 05-08-14 09:13 AM

Originally Posted by Ro_Ja Boy (Post 8526097)
Looks good. Changing out the wheels?

Yea, I have them up for sale.

smarks1632 05-08-14 01:09 PM

What is the tank for?

Hoovey2411 05-08-14 01:28 PM

Originally Posted by smarks1632 (Post 8526668)
What is the tank for?

air set-up :D

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