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flipside909 06-19-13 09:12 AM

Lexus CT Spindle Grille Update
Here's a rendering of what the CT would look like with an updated spindle grille:

Source: [Mag X]


Billisme 06-19-13 10:20 AM

For some reason the picture didn't show up but here is a link to the article:

Billisme 06-19-13 10:24 AM

And if this is the new direction Lexus is going with their outward appearence....I guess my 2012 CT will be the first and last Lexus I own, that front end is hideous!

Hoovey2411 06-19-13 11:23 AM

poor render, I don't like how the upper and lower chrome don't align. I know what they're going for and it looks infinitely better than the half a**ed spindle on the current GS and CT

corradoMR2 06-20-13 07:16 PM

I like the spindle grill and front-end design direction of Lexus on the LS, RX F-Sport and the new IS. On the ES, pretty good too. Looks overdone on the CT almost like it's overtaking the entire front-end. It should be toned down and it will be a stunner. ;)

smanzanoRN 06-21-13 01:05 PM

I don't know I'm digging it. The gs looks 10x aggressive with it

hdave 06-21-13 02:40 PM

i actually like that front end. it looks very aggressive

nabbun 06-23-13 09:38 PM

I can't wait to see how the full spindle grill is incorporated into the design of the CT200h. I already love the way our car looks. I hope they don't mess it up!

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