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b2designs 08-09-12 05:45 PM

Stoptech/Centric brake rotors, pads and SS brake lines
Hello Guys,

We offer the full line up of Stoptech/Centric brake parts. Rotors slotted, Drilled or drilled and slotted.

All applications. IS250, IS300, IS350, ISF, GS and LS models. Many more too.

StopTech Power Slot Slotted rotors for the Lexus help reduce brake fade by releasing the boundary layer of gases that can build up between the pad and rotor surface and, consequently, inhibit performance. This is how Power Slot rotors make a big difference in your Lexus braking performance: The exclusive StopTech Power Slot Vac-U-Slots machined into the rotor "wipe" brake pads clean, evacuate gases, and shed heat from your rotors to provide fade free braking stop after stop.

Slotted rotors:

Drilled and slotted rotors:

Blank Premium rotors:
Product info:

Stoptech C-Tek black OEM replacement rotors.
Product info:

Stoptech/Centric C-Tek drilled/slotted rotors:

Putting a ferocious bite behind that factory pedal doesn't have to take a bite out of your budget. Featuring a drilled and slotted design, Centric C-TEK Drilled & Slotted Brake Rotors provide world-class braking performance without the earth-shattering price tag. And, since they’re manufactured to OEM specifications, your Centric C-TEK drilled and slotted rotors deliver maximum bang for your bolt-on buck. Built to OEM specs for fitment and function, Centric Drilled and Slotted Rotors serve as a direct replacement for factory discs and bolt right in place. But don’t let the factory fit and bargain price fool you, C-TEK drilled slotted rotors deliver the braking goods—starting with the OEM-type G3000-grade iron metallurgy.

Stoptech/Centric C-Tek slotted rotors: Great pricing for a quality rotors.

Stainless steel brake lines:

Centric ceramic brake pads:

Posi Quiet brake pads:

Don't forget about brake fluid. We have Stoptech brake fluid in stock.

We also offer full Stoptech brake kits at great pricing :)

Customer feedback:

Originally Posted by SH4DY (Post 8272742)
Got the lines, rotors(blanks) and pads installed over the weekend. Car stops soooo much better now: wind up 2-3 car lengths further back from where I thought I'd stop. Gotta love the SS lines. When installing these it's crazy how much bigger the orifice is on the Stoptech banjo bolts compared to the factory bolts: definitely promotes fluid transfer.

A word to the wise: have PB Blast or a source of heat on hand in case the slide pins on the rear calipers are seized. PITA. If you can't get them un-stuck don't attempt forcing the new pads in the outside on the rear as they will drag. You will have to re-use the outer old ones until you get the calipers un-stuck.

Thanks again Charles!

Please message me with year, make and model and your shipping zip code for best pricing.


ZSC3 08-10-12 10:30 AM

97 LS400 Cross drilled slotted rotors(fronts), & 1992 SC300 SST brake lines

JDKane527 08-10-12 12:10 PM

07 IS250 front and rear with slotted rotors

b2designs 08-10-12 12:54 PM

both pm sent. Please include your shipping zip code :)


PlacidBoi 08-10-12 07:32 PM

06 is250 fronts and rears slotted BBK set shipped to 91801
And if you guys have a set that will fit a 07 z4m, lemme know too

737NG 08-11-12 11:09 AM

2008 IS350 rotors/ drilled only/ front and rear w/pads. 75189. Thanks

b2designs 08-11-12 11:37 AM

We also offer Stoptech performance brake pads.

ISF, IS250, IS350 to name a few applications. Message me for pricing.


kingblack 08-12-12 04:29 AM

what's better just slotted or cross drilled and slotted?

b2designs 08-12-12 05:14 AM


Originally Posted by kingblack (Post 7417105)
what's better just slotted or cross drilled and slotted?

Check the video's out:

dlsoul87 08-12-12 11:03 PM

Drilled and slotted supra mkiv TT rotors to 33301 both front and rear set.

moses08is 08-13-12 07:38 AM

front and rear slotted rotors for 01 lexus is300 shipped to 75002?

Kramer 08-13-12 08:29 AM

Any IS-F fitments for rotors or stainless lines? If so how much shipped to AL 36305

b2designs 08-17-12 03:28 AM

all pm sent


TweakTech 08-17-12 07:13 AM

94 LS400 slotted fronts, and 96 Supra TT slotted rears shipped to 29483.


-Cam, Tweak'd Performance

b2designs 08-30-12 03:14 PM

bump :)


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