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FXAuto 05-05-11 08:08 PM

Aftermarket Lug Nuts
We're offering aftermarket lug nuts. Please PM or call for best price!!!

Rays lug nuts available in Black, Red, Blue, Gun Metal
Rays lug nuts short type
Ray lug nuts short type in Gun Metal
Rays lug nuts extended type

Rays Formula lug nuts available in Black, Red and Blue

FXAuto 05-05-11 09:07 PM

Kics R26

R26 Neo Chrome

Kics R40

Kics R40 Black Chrome

Kics Heptagon Caliber 24

Kics Leggdura Red

Kics Leggdura

FXAuto 05-05-11 09:15 PM

MXP lug nut

FXAuto 05-05-11 09:22 PM

Moteki Closed End Black

Moteki Closed End Blue

Moteki Closed End Red

Moteki Open Red

Moteki Open Black

SR35 Closed Black

SR35 Closed Blue

SR35 Closed Chrome Neo

SR35 Closed Purple

SR35 Closed Red

FXAuto 05-05-11 09:33 PM

SR48 Black

SR48 Black Chrome

SR48 Chrome Neo

SR48 Purple

nsxiboi 05-05-11 10:44 PM

Project kics R40 with locks

Muteki sr35 with locks

picked up.

FXAuto 05-06-11 01:10 PM

PM sent to nsxiboi

FXAuto 05-06-11 03:08 PM

Kics Magnetic Drain Bolt

UtoyZ 05-07-11 02:30 PM

can you pm me price for SR35 closed black and Rays closed extended black shipped to 33168 pls. TIA

FXAuto 05-09-11 12:15 PM

PM sent to myMRMis350

SoCal35 05-09-11 08:36 PM

I sent a PM to you a few days ago, but anyways I was basically asking this in the message:

Can I please get a quote for all of these types of lug nuts? Shipped or picked up (if your local to 92688).

1) Rays Formula lug nuts in black or red
2) Kics Leggdura in purple or the grayish/smoke color
3) MXP in purple
4) Muteki SR35 in purple


eyezack87 05-09-11 09:27 PM

If you're able to get it....

Muteki SR48 Wheel Locks (Neo) shipped to 92688. Just stripped a stud holding a Burning Blue so I'll need to replace the remaining 3 and 4th stud after I fix it with something. Thanks

b3njam1n 05-10-11 12:37 AM

How much for the Ray formula lug nuts blue shipped to 94015?

FXAuto 05-10-11 12:38 PM

All PM sent

TofuMaster 05-25-11 05:43 PM

kics r40 neo chrome and caliber 24s?

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