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Club Lexus Vendor Marketplace - Posting Guidelines

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Default Club Lexus Vendor Marketplace - Posting Guidelines

Note to Club Lexus Members
The forum you're viewing, the Club Lexus Vendor Marketplace is for our Supporting Vendors to make product announcements and let us know about special deals and group buys. Only ClubLexus vendors and moderators are allowed to initiate posts in this forum, but CL members can posts follow-up replies to the posts for more details on the announcements and products. Please be respectful of our supporting vendor offers.

Any other posts will be removed from the forum or locked. This is not the appropriate forum to use for messages to vendors or to start posts for vendor feedback. If you are a vendor and would like to become a Club Lexus sponsor, please email Internet Brands at [email protected] for details on supporting our community. Do not create posts in this forum (or any advertising or solicitation) until you are an approved vendor.

Club Lexus Vendor Posting Guidelines
Last updated August 5, 2008

Forum Posting
Advertising and group buy threads may be started only in the Club Lexus Vendor marketplace forum. If you would like to start a thread in a non-sales forum, a site admin or moderator of a specific model sub-forum must approve it. Please do not spam discussion forums with links to special deals or product information; an infrequent model-specific new product announcement or occasional request for input from forum members on a prospective new product is generally acceptable with approval.

Please do not ‘bump’ your own posts to give them extra visibility in the Vendor Marketplace. ‘Bumping’ means responding to your own posts without adding additional product information or answering member questions (this includes “responded to your PM” replies). Our members' interest and responses will typically highlight products and services they have a significant interest in. One exception is allowed: if you are a vendor with three or less products/threads advertised on the first two pages of the marketplace, it is acceptable to bump those three posts once per week.

Responding to posts and questions about your products in the discussion forums is highly recommended; it is beneficial for both you and the community if you interact with forum members. By joining in the forum conversations, you create a face and identity behind your product. The only thing worse than not posting on the boards at all is to create a thread and then ignore the responses from the community. If you do not respond to the members, then they may form a negative impression towards your business. Some forum administrators and moderators may forward links of threads to you for your attention from time to time, but you may want to take a few moments each week and search for your company or product name.

Do not attack other vendors. No insults may be directed at their product or their work. Do not post in their thread unless it’s to compliment their product.

Act within normal forum posting and signature guidelines on each forum. Paying for advertising does not grant any sort of immunity from following forum etiquette. If you are acting against forum rules, moderators will respond accordingly.

If you have an issue with a member or another vendor regarding derogatory or insulting comments towards your business, do not respond to him. Bring the issue up with a moderator so that they can intervene in the issue either by private message or ‘report a post’ features. They are the authority on the boards.

Group Buys and Pricing
Some vendors may offer the same products and get special promotional pricing from manufacturers. If posting in a shared marketplace, please respect a ‘first to post’ guideline if you plan on offering a similar group buy or special pricing. Either offer another product or wait until the other vendor’s buy is closed. If the other vendor’s group buy has an indefinite timeline, please wait three weeks after the start of the other group purchase before starting your own on the same exact product.

Please post as many details about the products you are listing for sale as possible including what Lexus models and years the items apply to as well as clear product images. For group buys and special purchases, we highly recommend posting MSRP and the special offered price for the sale (we understand some manufacturers prohibit posting sale prices). If a certain number of members are needed for a special sale to meet certain discount levels, a roll call in the thread is acceptable.

Forum Sponsorship
Other vendors may post in a forum that you sponsor (meaning a ‘normal’ discussion sub-forum sponsored by your company), subject to the 'Forum Posting' guidelines above. There is no posting exclusivity.

Thread Editing Guidelines
On some forums, vendors cannot edit posts after 15 minutes. This is to prevent vendors from fraudulently creating threads with lowered prices only to raise the price when interest in their thread increases. Some forums may also offer certain moderator controls to vendors within their own sponsored forum or vendor marketplaces for purposes of updating thread titles or closing expired group buys.

Changing Ad Creatives
All banner modification requests should be directed towards Internet Brands at [email protected]. The moderator team does not handle banner issues.

Forum Grievances and Complaints
No grievances with either Internet Brands or an IB site may be aired on the forums. All complaints should be sent directly to the account management team at Internet Brands.

Any valid complaint threads that members start should not be deleted. A forum moderator may elect to move the post to the Site Suggestions or Feedback forum and may lock a complaint thread (and update the thread title) once a resolution has been reached. It is to the vendor’s benefit to publicly reply to complaint threads with their side of the issue and suggest steps to resolution.

Internet Brands Forum Contacts
Internet Brands may contact you directly on the forums. All Internet Brands forum members can be recognized by the IB_ prefix at the beginning of their forum handle and will also be a moderator or admin. An IB forum contact will NEVER ask you for your credit card or payment information via the forums.

Internet Brands.
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Thank you to all our supporting vendors from the members and staff of Club Lexus!

If you have questions about the vendor guidelines, please PM either Adrian or me.
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