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flipside909 05-07-12 10:16 AM

Toyotafest 2012 - Aftermath
The 17th Annual Toyotafest 2012 is in the history books. Congratulations to the Lexus Award Winners. I will be posting up the official winners list today. The weather was just right and there were a lot of great vehicles on hand.

This is a first but It's unfortunate that it had to happen, someone stole the 2 Lexus flags from the corporate display. x A police report has been with Long Beach P.D. for the theft of these items. It's a shame there are individuals out there that would do such a thing. If anyone has a tip or a description of the people involved in this, please shoot me a PM.

Thanks to all that participated. Congrats to all the winners!


Official 17th Annual All Toyotafest 2012 Winners:


1st Place: Louis A. IS 300 2002

2nd Place: Carl Z. IS 250 2008

3rd Place: Drew M. iS 350 2006


1st Place: Tuan N GS 300 2000

2nd Place: Mike V. GS 350 2007

3rd Place: Hien Q. GS 300 2003

LEXUS - Other - LS. SC, CT, etc

1st Place: Matt T. CT 200h 2011

2nd Place: Oscar B. LS 400 1991

3rd Place: James O. SC 430 2002

flipside909 05-07-12 10:17 AM

Here are a few photos from Toyotafest 2012:

Several more to come...

AristoKing 05-07-12 10:23 AM

It was a great event congrats to all the winners... awesome cars

jadu 05-07-12 10:42 AM

wished i could have made it out to this....

altezzaguy 05-07-12 12:27 PM

Wish i would have gone too... next year for sure!!

M K S 05-07-12 12:50 PM

Some amazing cars in those pics - especially that LS in the first pic!

It's unfortunate and embarrasing that the Lexus flags were stolen.

eL b3bO 05-07-12 01:14 PM

good times , had a blast , I even got myself a nice looking Sunburn:p

Drone619 05-07-12 03:11 PM

fun event, finally got to meet some of you and some of the NorCal guys. cool bunch unfortunately my face wasnt.

bauceLS400 05-07-12 03:39 PM

Awesome coverage. There were tons of awesome toyotas/lexus in the parking lot area. It was great to see so many awesome cars in one place.

KillaIS250 05-07-12 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by bauceLS400 (Post 7216049)
Awesome coverage. There were tons of awesome toyotas/lexus in the parking lot area. It was great to see so many awesome cars in one place.

I agree. There was some sexy cars in the parking lot too this year! :D

Ceezo 05-07-12 04:55 PM

alng with this amazing tan im rocking, it was a great show...Very Clean looking Lexus/Toyotas/Scions, Cant wait for next yrs show

KillaIS250 05-07-12 05:33 PM

Some of the pics I got on my phone...

My favorite was definitely Matt_RN's CT200h, it definitely got a lot of attention at the show.
He put in a lot of work hand laying those 25,000 Swarovski crystals :eek1:
Definitely deserved the win of Best Lexus :thumbup:


1sWt2GS 05-07-12 05:49 PM

nice pics!

the phone pics u took had some crazy nice cars!

SEXC 05-07-12 06:35 PM

Wow, the lexus community never ceases to amaze me.

DixonPai 05-07-12 10:15 PM

It was nice seeing you guys again and meeting some new people.

There is a cover on Speedhunter

I'll post pictures in a bit

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