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yaaayouuu 07-28-12 02:01 PM

Progress thread of my gs400
Bought the car last month stock
Since then I added first 20" rims, then 19", then back to 20". I'm also selling the other rims too. Haha
Pic of the gs400. Need my suspension ASAP haha
20" work eurolines step lips
Jp neck pads
Jp hello kity air Freshners
Sonar led tails

konaboi808 07-29-12 12:39 PM

Looks good n ya u need dat suspension asap. Wat u goin do coils or bags

yaaayouuu 07-29-12 07:25 PM

Pure static for now. Getting my teins in tomorrow finally. Lol
So installing them before next meet and cruise and hopefully my 30mm RCA front n back

yaaayouuu 08-01-12 01:45 AM

Teaser for now till day light

mililani00 08-01-12 02:17 AM


PHML 08-01-12 04:08 AM

congrats...looks better with the drop. ;)

shipwreck 08-01-12 12:53 PM

looking good man keep it up

yaaayouuu 08-01-12 01:33 PM

Day time shots...need to fine tune the suspension a little more

808_GS400 08-01-12 04:28 PM

looks nice!

baggedgs4 08-02-12 07:19 AM

@yaaayouuu what tire size u running on those 20 inch wheels?

spin420 08-03-12 11:41 AM

looks really good! super fast progess :D

yaaayouuu 08-03-12 02:15 PM


Originally Posted by baggedgs4 (Post 7396842)
@yaaayouuu what tire size u running on those 20 inch wheels?

235 and 245/35 series tires. Gonna change them out today at 225 fronts n 235 rears

yaaayouuu 08-03-12 02:17 PM

Thanks! Just trying to catch up to the other dopeness alrdy out there haha

Lip kit is getting Rdy. Just gotta get it color matched then throwing it on.

BLKPRL 08-05-12 05:55 AM

Bro Im lovin the STANCE! sickkkk!!!!!!!!

konaboi808 08-07-12 11:19 PM

Shet looks sick

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