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flipside909 09-17-13 11:28 AM

Father of Lexus, Eiji Toyoda Dies

Today, we at Club Lexus are saddened to hear about the passing of Eiji Toyoda, a visionary and leader in the automotive industry we know today. Mr. Toyoda is the father of Lexus brand.

With his vision of a premium luxury car brand in the Toyota organization, Lexus has become one of the most admired luxury brands to date. We thank Mr. Toyoda for his passionate pursuit of perfection and the road he has paved for the future. At this time, we would like to send our condolences to the Toyoda family and celebrate the accomplishments Mr. Toyoda has created on his century long journey.

Share this banner on your FB and other places as a sign of respect and appreciation for Mr. Eiji Toyoda

DaSyce 09-17-13 12:03 PM

R.I.P. he lived 100 years and got to make his visions a reality.

Joey-E 09-17-13 12:03 PM

R.I.P God Bless, Thank You Mr. Toyoda!

I8ABMR 09-17-13 12:15 PM

RIP. He left his mark on the industry forever

LexFather 09-17-13 12:21 PM

I just sat here and thought how do you honor someone who influenced one's life so much. Thank you Eiji Toyoda.

plex 09-17-13 12:34 PM

RIP Sir and thanks for such a great product.

Joeb427 09-17-13 12:49 PM

Hoovey2411 09-17-13 03:28 PM

RIP to a automotive pioneer!

Vladi 09-17-13 03:43 PM

Automotive's true master.

StillLine 09-17-13 05:11 PM

WOW! Mr. Toyoda lived 100 years and was involved in the creation of artwork on wheels. Let's celebrate! That was one accomplished life! :)

bitkahuna 09-17-13 05:12 PM


Originally Posted by Joey-E (Post 8144786)
R.I.P God Bless, Thank You Mr. Toyoda!

+1 :agreed:

long live Lexus!

SNiiP3R 09-17-13 06:11 PM

R.I.P Mr.Toyoda

Harbinger 09-17-13 06:54 PM

Think of everything that he witnessed in 100 years, and all of the lives that he influenced directly and indirectly with his passion. We would be blessed to be 1/2 as fortunate.


84Cressida 09-17-13 08:38 PM

Not only was he the driving force behind Lexus, he pretty much made Toyota who they are today. It was this guy's obsession with engineering and kaizen that led to the Toyota Production System and how Toyota operates its plants and its quality control standards. RIP and thank you for your contributions to the auto industry and to the cars that millions of us enjoy.

edgeucated 09-17-13 09:23 PM


Glad that he could see his dreams come true

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