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I8ABMR 08-05-13 02:51 PM

Subaru BRZ gets an STI version !! Where is Toyota's TRD FRS !?!

he range-topping Subaru BRZ STI has been teased via pictures on the Japanese manufacturerís website. A higher performance variant of the rear-wheel drive BRZ coupe Ė which is twinned with the Toyota GT86 Ė has been rumoured for some time, thanks to the regular carís naturally aspirated engine, which differs from Subaruís typical turbocharging policy for its performance Impreza WRX.

Whether the STI features a turbo or a supercharger is currently unknown, but its 197bhp, 151lb ft 2-litre flat-four engine isnít likely to have much more performance in it without forced induction. 250bhp is a likely target for a BRZ STI, moving it much closer to Nissan 370Z and Porsche Cayman territory and helping it keep up with the turbocharged hot hatches which currently beat it on price.

While the standard BRZ hits a 140mph top speed and completes 0-60 in 7.5sec, a car with forced induction would easily top 150mph and hit the 60mph benchmark around a second quicker thanks to its extra torque. Acceleration and general mid-range performance should feel a big step on from the standard car, too. An STI is unlikely to get an automatic transmission, its only gearbox option set to be a six-speed manual.

Another big change likely for a BRZ STI is an improvement in tyres. The standard car wraps its 17in alloy wheels in eco-minded skinny Michelin Primacy Tyres, the STI is almost certain to upgrade to 18in rims with stickier, more performance-minded rubber. The Toyota GT86 TRD, despite boasting no more power than standard, uses Yokohama Advan Sport tyres.

Styling wise, expect the BRZ STI to resemble the identically named concept in the pictures above. It appeared in late 2011 sporting Subaruís famed World Rally Blue paint, a huge black spoiler, quad exhausts and big multispoke alloy wheels.

The BRZ STI looks set to appear later in 2013, perhaps at Novemberís Tokyo motor show to reflect Subaruís home market. Expect its price to start at around £30,000, up on the standard BRZ's £24,995 tag

2BENVD 08-05-13 03:01 PM


"An STI is unlikely to get an automatic transmission, its only gearbox option set to be a six-speed manual."

4TehNguyen 08-05-13 03:41 PM

The Subaru BRZ STI is coming - BBC Top Gear

azinn 08-05-13 03:49 PM

Can't wait! :driving:

I8ABMR 08-05-13 04:22 PM

If they developed the cars together why wouldnt Toyota jump on the performance band wagon ? Even if they only sell it in Japan and Europe they need to make this thing in FRS trim as well. Bring it to the states!

JessePS 08-05-13 04:25 PM

This should be interesting :)

rkyat 08-05-13 04:26 PM

Too early of a celebration?

ISF350 08-05-13 04:32 PM

Right now there is still no info about what will be the new HP for the STI version. Writers really speculate and guessing at this point. :)

balMaster 08-05-13 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by rkyat (Post 8076101)

Too early of a celebration?

At the bottom of that link, it says "UPDATE: Subaru has confirmed that the STi that was teased last night is just a tuned tS, not a full bore STi. Next time. Next time.". So, ya, too early of a celebration. :(

Initial B 08-05-13 04:44 PM

As a fan of Toyota and sports cars, it's weird...but I have almost NO interest in the BRZ/FR-S. Too little, too late.

Gimme a new Poopra, or an updated 2nd gen MR2. Otherwise, I could be satisfied with an F10 535i Sport, I suppose.

5gears-IS 08-05-13 09:56 PM

Not sure what all the buzz is about on the STi version, it is only cosmetic and suspension add ons.
Nothing changes on the motor!

Follow the linky for more info.

gengar 08-05-13 11:32 PM

Yeah, until it's official that this gets some massive tune, I'm not going to get excited.

Joey-E 08-06-13 01:38 AM

Interesting :thumbup:

I8ABMR 08-06-13 01:05 PM

I think it would be a HUGE MISTAKE for Toyota and Subaru not to take full advantage of the hot sales and boost the power. Every single review of either car is stellar EXCEPT for the HP figures. Every review I have seen calls for more HP. Why not just drop a small turbo on it and add 50 hp, give the fans what they truly want, and sell sell sell. I think the existence of the TS Subaru concept means something is in the mail.

Fingers crossed

ISF350 08-06-13 03:54 PM

I agree. I want to see another version w/ higher HP. My personal choice would be 300hp; Other may ask for 250hp or 400hp....; Well it hard to say and it depend on what the driver intend to do with the car. A lot of driver like it to use as DD at $25k base. If they plan to make 250hp++ package car which would cost at $35k + , they will sure have more sales. Anyway, this link below at least can tell different car owners like this current car for what it is.

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