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flipside909 06-26-09 04:11 AM

**F-Sport Accessories - Summer Sale!!! Valid from 7/1/09 to 7/31/09**
June 26, 2009 - Coming this July, Lexus is offering something special for you. Summer is here and it's time to accessorize your Lexus with F-Sport. Got rims? Got intake and exhaust? Got suspension? If the answer is no, then this is for you! For those who have been contemplating on buying F-Sport parts, this is your chance. To celebrate the expansion of F-Sport accessory line into the GS and IS Convertible line, Lexus is offering a special 20% off discount towards the purchase of any F-Sport accessory available at your favorite local Lexus dealer.

F-Sport accessories are not only stylish, they are factory backed performance parts you can install on your Lexus IS Sedan, IS Convertible or GS Sedan. Some parts are easy to install by the do-it-yourselfer or you can elect a trained technician to install them on your Lexus. The best part about F-Sport parts is that it can follow your factory warranty! In order to do so, the parts must be installed on your new Lexus from the port or by your favorite Lexus service department. All F-Sport parts are fully engineered and designed exclusively for your Lexus.

How do you get this discount and how does it apply to you if you may ask? Well it’s simple. Click on the link below and print a copy of the special F-Sport coupon. Take it into any participating Lexus dealer in the United States of America (Excluding Hawaii, Canada, and other Lexus markets) to receive your discount. You can apply this discount to any F-Sport parts that are Lexus port installed or dealer installed and any F-Sport accessories purchased over the counter at a Lexus Parts department. The discount does not apply to any labor for F-Sport parts installed by a Lexus dealer.

Please note that this coupon is valued up to $2,000 towards F-Sport parts. That’s a good amount of savings if you’ve been thinking about customizing and upgrading the performance of your Lexus. Share this coupon with your friends, family and people you know looking to personalize their Lexus. Limit one coupon per customer. This offer is valid July 1, 2009 to July 31, 2009 and is good at any participating Lexus dealer in the United States of America excluding Hawaii.

CLICK HERE: F-SPORT 20% Discount Coupon

More info on F-Sport parts:

Photos & Article by: Flipside909

Also posted on front page of CL.

flipside909 06-26-09 04:25 AM

LexFather 06-26-09 08:33 AM

Ryan I'm going to unstick the other thread and put this up there......THis is a great deal!

Recent F-sport thread here.

rominl 06-26-09 09:56 AM

yeah this is awesome. on top of the 20% sewell put another 15% off, making it very very sweet for most people!!!!!!

I8ABMR 06-27-09 07:16 PM

I posted the same info two days ago and a moderator shut the thread down because it was supposedly old news.

I think its great and will be getting the F sport sway bars.

I8ABMR 06-29-09 06:31 PM

I dont think we need the cupon to get the discount. I am happy Lexus is really trying to hook u its performance enthusiast consumers

I8ABMR 06-29-09 06:35 PM

I just saw a video clip of an S with the F sport intake and I have to say it sounds pretty mild releative to some of the other intakes I have heard. I like the mellowness. Its still a Lexus

flipside909 06-30-09 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by I8ABMR (Post 4640765)
I dont think we need the cupon to get the discount. I am happy Lexus is really trying to hook u its performance enthusiast consumers

If you want to pay retail price, that's fine. You will need the coupon to receive the discount, that way the dealership gets full credit for the discount and sale from corp.

I8ABMR 07-02-09 11:36 PM

the dealers have the coupons . My dealer had the coupon already filled out and all I did was sign it confirming that I recieved the parts so Lexus will pay them the 20%. Its a win win situation for the dealers and the consumers.

LexFather 07-19-09 12:15 AM

Unstuck for now...

f=ma 07-19-09 02:31 AM

Canada gets shafted AGAIN!!!!!

I8ABMR 07-19-09 07:03 PM

I am FINALLY going to go in and order the intake and shift knob tomorrow. I like the shift knob because of the blue stitching. It matches the color of the car

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