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lexwalk 05-20-14 05:24 PM

winter tires on alloy rims or steel rims ?
Do you have your winter tires on alloy rims or steel rims ?

triniexr 05-21-14 05:42 AM

I have 2 sets of original rims, one alloy with winter tires, one chrome with summer tires. I also just picked up a set of 22" rims :D

BDSL 05-21-14 06:17 AM

Steel rims for winter.....cheaper....

lexwalk 05-21-14 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by BDSL (Post 8546748)
Steel rims for winter.....cheaper....

correct and that is what I was planning to do. then my dealer says if I use steel rim then tire pressure thing does not work. and Lexus does not recommend steel rim...

604GSE21 05-21-14 01:14 PM

i use my oem rims as my winters and my aftermarket as summers...

BDSL 05-21-14 01:26 PM

If you are talking about the pressure monitoring.......that wouldn't work for ANY rims. You need to buy another set of sensors which is not worth it.....

lexwalk 05-22-14 03:27 PM

well, alloy wheel - about $350 per wheel plus about $180 per winter tire then plus about $100 per tire pressure sensor.. all from dealer... total $2520 plus tax.. but this way, winter tires and alloy wheels are covered under Road hazard protection.
or go with steel rim option which would be total $940 plus tax... *though I will have that tire pressure warning light on all winter... *tough choice

newgsman 05-22-14 09:00 PM

I have always used older alloy wheels for winter. Usually I use an older Toyota or lexus alloy wheel so there is no fitment issue. Get some from the junk yard or classified ads.

reyoasian 05-29-14 08:57 AM

been using steel rims for winter...because cheap (16" running 205/55)

however this winter will be using stock wheels (225/45R17) because steelies get really ugly after rusting, etc. as well the 16" snow tires have too much soft sidewall, so the vehicle's weight "flattens" it a bit thus making the car sit lower and more scraping through snow...less sidewall (upsizing the wheel diameter) and stiffer tires may resolve this

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