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skperformance 02-01-12 02:51 PM

2012 Monthly GTA Luxury sport meets.
As usual for the past 12 years we will still be having meets every second Thursday of the month . Here is a full list as a reminder it starts at 8pm and goes till around 11- midnight .
They happen whether it is raining , snowy cold or otherwise.
Be courteous and not drive like an ass , so no burnouts , loud music or other loser type behavior as it causes undo attention no one needs.

The default location is the Tim Horton's in Mississauga , Mavis /401 heartland area . 401 to Mavis go south , right at Brittania , its on your right , marshal's , Scotia bank are in the same parking lot.
I do not want to keep it a parking lot only meet (except for the weekly summer ones ) so join the facebook page to be able to vote and tell me what you want to do .
The ideas i have for this years meet is
Detailing clinic , so you can learn to use your car care products .
Go Karting , so some of you can learn to drive :0 lol .
Our annual dent clinic where you can get that acne off your cars paint for cheap.
Pool so the rest of us can win some money and buy parts for our cars.
Sea foam DIY clinic so you can learn how to do it yourself for quick and easy results. Also mechanical , tinting , clear bra and other similar tutorial type days.
Photo shoots with Female models in the summer in various locations .

January 12th **done**
February 9th **next**
March 8th
April 12th
May 10th
June 14th
July 12th
August 9th
September 13th
October 11th
November 8th
December 13th

Plus i am open to more ideas you might have , just let me know .
or search on facebook GTA Luxury / Sport Car owners

White350 02-02-12 11:30 AM

Female models Eh? GF wont like that much on her car lmao

skperformance 02-09-12 12:11 PM

You can always get her to model on her own car , LOL
: 0
Just a reminder , the meet is tonight at 8 !
Subscribe to this page or the link to the facebook group for monthly updates .
This will include meets at shops and other specials provided to members for alarms, tinting , tires ,wheel , LED's , HID's , dent removal , vinyl wraps and other performance related parts.

Stu 03-04-12 09:42 PM

I am going to try and make it on March 8th, and meet some of you folks.

If anyone has 16 or 17 inch wheels that will fit the LS, let's chat about it.
If I don't find a used set pretty soon, I'll have no choice except buying new wheels ....

and if you want to buy some ExtremeContact DWS in 245/45/18 I used for 7 months ( aprox. 5,000 miles ) we can chat about that too.

skperformance 03-08-12 01:34 AM

Meet is tonight ,I'll be there 8-9 , Tim Horton's , West of Mavis on the north side of Britannia .

Stay home Stu

Stu 03-08-12 05:57 AM

Hey SK, what the hell is your problem with me ? we haven't even met, so what's with your bad attitude ?

Don't worry, I won't be there tonight, I have better things to do than deal with you in person ,lol

Enjoy your monthly get together tonight, and please, send me a PM and let me know
what your problem with me is ..... I really gotta hear this.


skperformance 04-05-12 07:09 PM

Just a reminder , the meet is next week Thursday the 12th .
Don't forget to follow on Facebook under
or GTA Luxury / Sport Car owners

skperformance 04-12-12 04:49 PM

meet tonight at 8 , I'll be there around 8:30 look for the Green/ silver slammed Lexus LS400.

skperformance 05-06-12 02:13 PM

Meet this Thursday with finally some warm weather .
If its cold or raining then it will be in the underground parking lot at square one.

skperformance 05-10-12 11:39 AM

Meet is tonight at 8pm-12pm in Mississauga , Mavis and Britannia tummies.
Facebook event is here for times and address .
facebook group for GTA Luxury Sport club is here
and to find out about car club meets , shows and events in and around Toronto go here.
To see where random stuff like Bvans meet from sunday

skperformance 06-11-12 03:12 PM

Meet is this week , thinking of moving it for this month only to the Ertefa meet at hwy7 and 400 .
Let me know what you think , here.

Also i will be starting the list of those interested for this years annual dent clinic sign up at the meets.
If interested let me know and show me the car , if should be $140 for the whole car .
I am going to try for a Saturday in July .

skperformance 06-13-12 11:52 PM

For this Thursday only (tonight ) our monthly meet is going to be moved to ertefa . I'll park in the far north west corner of the parking lot , it is closest corner to the 400 and 7 Just Look for my silver/green Lexus LS400 on airbags sitting on the ground in the corner . It starts about 8 and goes until 12 .
It is real simple get off at hwy 400 , go east turn right towards dave and busters and look to your right for all the cars. If you haven't been to ertefa it is a amazing weekly meet with over 600 modified cars . The best part is douche bag show offs are told to leave who spoil every event revving , burning out , pounding their flea market systems !

If its your first time there prepare for the insanity of cars , I have pics on the Toronto car show / meet and calender on Facebook of the size of ertefa meets.

I'll be moving our monthly meets to Sunday or Tuesday once i get some more feedback.

skperformance 07-20-12 05:22 PM

From now until about October we will be having weekly Wednesday meets again at the same location as always. Mississauga Tim's. Britannia and terry fox in the marshalls plaza. 8- midnight.
Been going for the past 2 weeks and forgot to make it official.

Also the Toronto car meet & event calender for all upcoming events and where to find coverage .

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