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plankton07 07-02-14 07:27 PM

Lexus IS250 to IS350 M/T conversion
Overview of the car

Engine Start


Sorry about the video on this one. The rotation came out weird.

Kd0t 07-02-14 07:37 PM

Nice!! How much did this whole project run you?

liqB 07-02-14 07:51 PM

Omg <3 <3 I wish I could do this to my 250MT, any details about the project. Cost/time/etc?

G4lexboi 07-02-14 08:06 PM

Pretty slick

Sffd103 07-02-14 11:02 PM

That's pretty sick. How does it drive? Did you put a better clutch in there?

FrictionSc 07-02-14 11:05 PM

Love it, gave me back some hope with my car.

plankton07 07-02-14 11:44 PM

Since my car was originally an M/T it didn't cost as much as sourcing a whole M/T kit.
Bought a complete IS350 wrecked car for fairly cheap 4k and did the whole process by ourselves with my brother and I. Car runs a fidanza flywheel with the spec stage 2. Although it's holding up now I may go for a higher spec clutch, maybe a 3.

gardenkhs 07-02-14 11:52 PM

So sick!!
I always dream about manual transmission on my is350!!!!
Love your project!!

edgeucated 07-02-14 11:57 PM

This is such an awesome conversion. I didn't think it could be done. Truly amazing with no CEL

When you go to the gear selection screen, does it display the correct gear when you shift?

PAVGR 07-03-14 12:42 AM

Great work my friend.I was waiting for someone to do this first.Does your 250 have VDIM.What did you do with that because the promblem was the VDIM.SARD in Japan who did this first install a ecu to trick the OEM ecu so that the engine can run with the manual transmittion.Which ecu did you use
?Sorry for the questions but when i finish my conversion this will be my finall mode

idoke1 07-03-14 01:29 AM

Awesome job. How is the 350 engine doing compared to the 250 in the manual tranny.

plankton07 07-03-14 02:08 AM

350 engine feels great with the tranny almost as if the box was developed for the engine.

I'm afraid nothing is displayed on the gear selection, it just says current gear.

Car hasn't been dyno'd yet but with the mods, manual tranny and an A/F ratio tune from novel I'm hoping to pull somewhere around the 230-240rwkw and high 12s in the 1/4 mile. Though the car still has an open diff and it sucks but thanks to Jeff Lange, who gave me a peace of mind in adding the IS300 torsen LSD to the car, I will be adding an LSD in next week.

Stay tuned for more videos which I will be posting up this weekend.

NYKnick101 07-03-14 09:47 AM

So its really just an engine conversion. NOT a transmission conversion since the car is an original IS250 that came with the M/T right? Im not to worried about the technical stuff on getting the engine and transmission in the car since the 2gr and 4gr are the same layout and uses similar transmissions. Thats a no brainer and everyone knew that its a near direct install

Im more interested in the wiring it up and how you got that to work with everything with NO CEL. Did you just pull in the whole IS350 wiring harness?

Jeff Lange 07-03-14 10:23 AM

My biggest concern with doing this swap has always been what ECU to run. If I run an A/T ECU, it will set off a bunch of codes for not seeing/controlling the A/T. It's an awful expensive risk.

I will keep thinking about things in my head, haha.


An2ny 07-03-14 11:05 AM


Could you please share more info about the swap? Especially about the electronics, harness & ECU connections and mods.
I remember looking into this swap and reading about the transmission not aligning with the 350 engine, was there a lot of custom work to make that work? If notwe need a how to/ DIY for this! :D

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