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My SC300 Shipping Experience...FYI

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Exclamation My SC300 Shipping Experience...FYI

Guys, I feel that I have to share some information to everyone just in case to prevent what has happened to me, though it is slightly off-topic for which I apologize so if you do not want this info, don't continue to read. Thanks =).

I am in the process of having my 1997 SC300 shipped to me (I work 80 hours a week hard to find time to leave work) that I purchased from a licensed and registered BBB business. I got told I could find shipping or they could do it, and it would cost me extra than to ship the car. So I said, sure, no problem I'll arrange shipping... oops.

I went with Stateway Auto Transporting after a few reviews I read and the price was competitive at 700 bucks, 150 deposit when it gets picked up... the rest in cash/money order on delivery. On their website it says Standard rate, 1-7 business days for pickup... another 1-7 business days for delivery... Then there is a 200 dollar fee to expedite it if you choose for 1-3 day pickup. Seemed, again, reasonable. So I placed the order on the 23rd of May for standard delivery readily available for that day. After the 7th business day I had heard nothing on the pickup (In Florida) so I calmly called, and got a voicemail back the next day saying they are "Working on dispatching a driver for pickup". I then read a few scary reviews online which concerned me because it was very similar to my situation, then sent an Email to customer service asking if this was a bait and switch for delivery estimates/time frame and why nothing has happened, etc, to get their attention and hopefully find out answers. I call got another voicemail this time explaining that it is "Congested" in Florida and that it should be "Smooth Sailing" from here on out that there's no cause for concern and by the end of the week my vehicle will be out after getting picked up to make sure it's expedited for me. (This was on Monday)

Friday rolled around... heard nothing... read more reviews about people waiting a month to 3 months, which I had already gone 2 weeks now without it being picked up. (luckily I lost no money) I said, [email protected]#$ It I am going with American Auto Transport who has been hounding me. I called them that Friday, cancelled with Stateway Auto, and spoke to a guy over the phone, I wont disclose a name out of respect, and told him how I have been dicked around, etc., the whole story. He was like well It is congested down there, but they "Misquoted" my pickup that he can do it for 800. I said fine I understand as I deal with truckers at work and constant setbacks with warehouse deliveries, but I asked him, after he mentioned the "Expedited" rate of 950, what that really meant. Quote, "I will have your vehicle picked up by no later than Saturday Afternoon and will get it taken care of." I was like ok, crossing fingers here. Well, here is Monday now, still waiting, left a voicemail Saturday evening on his personal cell phone, and it's getting to the point to where I am going to spend my own cash on saturday, 450 for rent a car, 200 for gas (One thousand miles I have to drive one way) 140 for hotel after a 13 hour drive one way, hit the hotel, drop the rentacar off in the morning, take a cab to where my car is, pick the car up, get the back tire fixed real fast (slow air leak) and get a courtesy check on it while I am there jsut in case, spend another 200 or so in gas to get back, hopefully don't get pulled over by a cop on the interstate because it isn't registered or has plates till I get it back home in TN... which costs $1300.00 btw...33% of the purchase price... sucks huh. lol All in all, after the drive back... I am looking at about 1300 dollars maybe 1400.

Moral of the story, F#$% Shipping Companies, Get the car yourself as best as you can even though you will be spending a lot more. This is so frustrating I cannot explain it in words. Avoid shipping companies at all costs. For those of you who have had great experiences, I am happy for you but somehow I attracted a bad experience on this one...

The only good thing out of this... it is going to make me love the **** out of this car more than ever when I finally get to drive it...

Total days spent = 18
Status = Car not picked up


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That's pretty terrible. I sympathize with you. A long time ago I used a shipping service a family friend ran to get a car from the midwest to Florida. That experience was perfect as was the car.

The time I contracted a private shipping company to ship my possessions across the country, however... they lost everything I gave them due to "competitor sabotage". Thank goodness for my renter's insurance because shipping insurance is a flat out joke. Irreplaceable things were lost.

Since then I have reluctantly used another shipping company and to my surprise and amazement they didn't lose a thing. I'm still wary of my horrible experience some years ago.

For a car I'd do exactly what you are doing by flying out there, renting a car, dropping it off and driving your new car home..... after visiting the DMV and getting a temporary tag for the trip. Don't mess around with that. No plates on a car IS a red flag to police officers.

Although in L.A. somehow many owners of brand new cars get away with it... don't ask me how they do it.
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Man that sucks, I do know here in VA if you purchase a car and have the bill of sale and proof of insurance if the police do pull you they can't ticket you due to a new purchase
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Wow that's awful. I am glad it worked out for you the next go around man.
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