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Fred6370 06-04-14 07:45 AM

Fred`s IS300h "Norway edition"
Hello from Norway...

Sorry for my English, but hopefully you understand what I mean!

Got my car delivered on May 15

Here it is at 14.00

3 hours later

These black rims was something I had lying around after my 2011 Avensis.
Got delivery problems with those who I ment to use, but today I got them.

What do you thing, black or silver?

Both is 20`s

MiGGy1186 06-04-14 07:49 AM

The silver ones look better to me

Gravityis 06-04-14 08:50 AM

^Agreed, silver looks nice!

jhs82 06-04-14 10:16 AM

Definitely silver.

SolidPaul 07-02-14 05:48 PM

Plus another for silver

FusterCluk 07-03-14 11:35 AM

Silver all the way.

onthelimit 07-04-14 09:44 AM

both wheels look really nice BUT if I had to choose one set, it'd be the black wheels.

dlwlsgks85 07-21-14 02:47 PM

how come we dont get 300 in states..

davyjordi 07-28-14 07:44 AM


Originally Posted by dlwlsgks85 (Post 8635217)
how come we dont get 300 in states..

we aren't special.

felixlau 07-28-14 08:08 AM

I'll pick the silver because of the design but I think black rims (in another design) goes well with the car too
Btw, what are you dropped on ?

RX469 07-28-14 12:57 PM

Definitely Silver!

Bjorn98TJ 08-24-14 07:14 AM

Ser Bra Ut
Hilser fra Amerika. Jeg er litt sjalu, fordi vi har ingen 300h'er her. For en svare på din spørsmål, hvis det var meg, skulle jeg bruke dem som er grå. Skål!

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