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nDrew 11-17-13 06:08 PM

nDrew's '04 LS430 Progress Thread
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My Current Progress -

To Be Continued...

Hey everyone! So I decided I would document the progress with my car as I make modifications to it. Please do not have any wild expectations as this is my daily driver and as a realtor I have clients that ride in the car with me. I am just making minor changes so that I can have some enjoyment from it. Follow along to see what happens with my car!

To start out I've done some minor modifications so far and thought I would share what I've done so far and what I've ordered.

So far I have Plastic Dipped black my front grille and emblem, rear emblems and the emblem on the center cap for the wheels.

Just last Thursday I installed the Data System Air Controller ASC 680 Spec R to the car with the help of my friend Kevin and the assistance via telephone from Howiedoit here on the forums. I am currently daily driving with settings 5 for the front and 3 for the rear. It is just shy of covering wheel gap and drives fairly comfortable. The reason for my settings is because the rear was lower than the front so I want to offset that and have a level look to it.

Items Ordered/In Transit For Delivery
15MM & 25MM Spacers - OptionSelects (eBay)
LEDs to change out bulbs on interior/exterior lighting - Warden_JP2008 (eBay)
4 Black On Black Junction Produce Neck Pads - L-TunedParts
4 Piece Billet Cover Kit - Radiator, P/S, Oil Cap, Washer Fluid - L-TunedParts
4300K Fog Light HID Kit - XenonDepot

As of now that is it. I plan on tinting my windows 10% all the way around during Thanksgiving, Fixing my door actuator on the driver side rear passenger door, and replace my driver side tail lamp since part of it is cracked.

Thank you for reading and following my progress thread!

Now For Pictures...

ebxgsxr 11-17-13 06:17 PM

very nice. looks great.

ultm8mind 11-17-13 09:45 PM

good start

1WILLY1 11-17-13 09:46 PM

very nice, tasteful upgrades:)

nDrew 11-19-13 02:42 PM

Thanks for the kind words fellas. I just received my wheel spacers and LEDs yesterday. So far I have swapped out the LEDs for the mirrors, front map lights, dome light, puddle lights, and the 2 in the trunk. I did my license plate one although they don't fit properly and had to reorder a different size set. Then today I had some issues with my air suspension while using the data systems air controller. Well see what the issue is when I take the wheels off this weekend to put on the spacers.

XenonDepot 11-21-13 03:16 PM

Awesome! Looking forward to feedback (and pics) with the XenonDepot HID Kit installed.


fensterlip 11-21-13 03:25 PM

Grill looks nice. Is that spattercoat paint you did? or did it come that way?
I'm a fan of accenting the "L" on the grill a bit more. Personal taste but I think it needs a thin, subtle chrome outline.

nDrew 11-21-13 06:40 PM

Steve - I will definitely post up the results! I didn't realize the bulbs were coming from Canada and they won't arrive until after i'm in the shop this weekend. I typically only get a day to work on the car so it will have to be done after the holidays.

Fensterlip - Thanks! Splatter or wrinkle was actually done by accident. The way I did the spray didn't do a flat look.

XenonDepot 11-22-13 07:50 AM

Awesome! Let me know if you have any questions.


nDrew 11-26-13 08:52 PM

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Got A Few New Pickups For The Car And Am Very Excited.

My spacers came in and unfortunately after install there was heavy vibration in the steering wheel at highway speeds. Not sure what the issue was. I bought hub centric spacers with built in studs. 15mm for the front and 25mm for the rear. Torqued it down to 80lbs and made sure all the bolts were seated. Here's a picture of the fitment although I did remove the spacers after test driving it and will see if I can do a return.

nDrew 11-26-13 08:54 PM

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Next up I purchased 4 Junction Produce neck pillows and the billet engine kit from L-Tuned Parts.

I did go with the black on black option to keep it simple and clean.

nDrew 11-26-13 08:56 PM

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I went to Ross and bought a Navi/Cellphone holder to mount the Data systems air controller. Cost me $6 and it is so much better than putting it between the center console and driver seat. I highly recommend going this route instead.

nDrew 11-26-13 09:01 PM

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So I wasn't planning on buying wheels but I came across a deal I couldn't pass up. I've wanted these wheels for over 10 years and my vision for the LS may be a little different than the norm. I bought these Volk TE37s in size 19 x 8.5/9.5 +30/+34. I went ahead and test fitted when I removed the spacers and am very pleased with the outcome.

nDrew 11-26-13 09:05 PM

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Sorry for the multiple posts it was just easier since I'm doing this from the mobile app. I'm still finishing up swapping out the interior and exterior lights to LED. I just received the HID kit from xenon depot yesterday so those will be installed probably this coming Sunday along with a couple small things here and there.

Car is going to be tinted tomorrow. I'm going 17% all the way around with a 5% strip on the windshield.

bmore430 11-26-13 11:42 PM

Never would have pictured those wheels on an LS but they look sick! I love it. Nice progress. I ordered those same jp neck pads and awaiting arrival. Let me know how they feel as I've heard they are hard as a rock so I may just order the luxury abstract ones instead

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