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DPK*David 10-28-13 10:28 AM

Finally after all these years I am making a thread for myself (DPK David/LS430/UCF30)
A little bit about myself for those that do not know. I am really a Honda guy but have been into the VIP scene for years. I had a 2GS that I purchased about 8 years ago and I was planning on building that, will due to my Honda addiction I got as far as repainting the car and that was it. I decided after years of dailying that I would get a new platform and I promised myself I would do something to this one. Nothing crazy just a clean daily. I picked up a LS430 and this is what I have.

This is the first pic I took of the car:

Then I took the car to My buddy at Function Form and they test fitted their new suspension on my car. Here is the first pic I took of the car with the new suspension on.

Here is a pic of my car at Auto Fashion getting the fenders and 1/4's cut to clear the wheels once they come in.

Then after a long 8 month wait I finally got my wheels in. I decided to go with Leon Hardirritt Ordens. Common wheel but for me it will always be a classic, since I am not doing anything crazy to this car I do not mind if it does not look different.

Well I ordered what I thought was going to be conservative offsets, 20x9.5 +26 20x10.5+25.

This is how the rear fit.

Then after a drive into DTLA this happened after hitting a hard bump. The next day I hit a pot hole and the same happened to the other side.

Normally I would be pretty upset and bothered that I would have to take my car to a body shop to get fixed because I hate dealing with body shops. Well luckily I recently have become acquainted with a body shop called Premier Auto Body and they do wonderful work so I put my trust in them to do my work.

Here are some pictures I was sent of the progress. This is all before paint just body work. My car is currently there and I am hoping to get it back in time for The Chronicles YearV meet as well as The AutoFashion VIP Festival.



As you can see the wheel can now tuck in with out hitting my 1/4.

Here is the front side and you can see that from that door the 1/4 does not look pushed out too far.

As you can see there are no body lines missing, the 1/4's look like oem still not like they have had a flare added to them all while being wide enough to clear my wheels with natural camber.

Kira X 10-28-13 01:48 PM

I love your build so far. The Ordens always look good on an LS, especially a silver one.

The fender flares look very clean too. Are you on air suspension?

howiedoit 10-28-13 01:58 PM

awesome. i love it

SBlexus 10-28-13 02:08 PM

Nice looking 430!!!!

HiloDB1 10-28-13 03:22 PM

Could have probably avoided the body work if you cambered out the rear.

DPK*David 10-28-13 03:27 PM

Thanks everyone!!

The car is not on air for now. Well see how things go in the future. Still debating. Been piecing some stuff together but not sure if I want to do it yet.

Yeah I know I could have probably added camber but I was looking to avoid that. In the future if I go more aggressive then ill add camber.

I also wanted to thank some guys on here that have really helped me out.



Mr. Doback




Sean Bradford

1WILLY1 10-28-13 05:45 PM

ordens might be somewhat common but that doesn't mean they still aren't beautiful classy wheels.

car is looking great.

PROSTAR 10-28-13 08:58 PM

sick LS man ordens really sets it off

waijai 10-28-13 09:05 PM

Looking good're picking up my used BBK, right? :)

warminwisc 10-29-13 04:38 AM

Sick! How much did this cost if you don't mind me asking?

LS4EVER85 10-29-13 09:16 AM


Originally Posted by warminwisc (Post 8211012)
Sick! How much did this cost if you don't mind me asking?

I want to know the same! Looking good a+++!!!

RA40 10-29-13 09:19 AM

Nice, it all worked out. :):thumbup:
What tire specs?

ultm8mind 10-29-13 10:55 PM

Looking great man, I love the Ordens, love them! Did you just have them do a pull on the rears or what? Looks great.

C8V6C 10-29-13 11:23 PM

Ordens are on all the nice cars LOL...I really like the wheels, but afraid to get a set for myself :P

1STLXS 10-29-13 11:42 PM

Car looks beautiful! I agree the Ordens look good all the time. I contemplated getting a set myself. I'm also curious what your tire spec is?

ps: I've got a nice body kit for sale already in silver.....:D (cheap plug) lol

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