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1JZPWRD 01-16-13 10:39 AM

Jay's 93 SC300 2JZGTE, Interior Redone by your's truly, 1JZPWRD !!
After Jay picked up his SC, he finally dropped it off for me to do the interior for him. I have been piecing together parts for a bit now. He really liked the way mine turned out with the SEM black landau, so it was a go. I took several pictures of the problems, mistakes, etc, that I found along the way. I didn't spend too much time on how to remove interior pieces, due to that subject has been covered like a million times. He wanted it to look fresh, and up to date to match his motor and tranny swap when it is showed. That was his whole goal. I will be relocating a few things, and upgrading his stereo components as I go, and fully dynomatting everything. His V160 gearbox and fuel pump is insanely too loud for me, so I will try and quiten things down a bit. He gave me permission to do a thread so without further despair, here goes. I will update the thread as it goes....

NO front emblem:

NO seal around the hood:

Old glue from window visors:

Antenna broke:

No rear emblems:

Pillar post faded:

Upper window trim cracked:

Broken door handle:

Cracked door panel:

Relocate the boost gauge under radio:

Remove this plastic piece with new one:

Cracked pillars, both sides, missing tabs:

Cracked side trim seat pieces, both sides:

Scuffed up trim piece:

Dirty and faded back seats:

Pillar broken and cracked:

Center vents all busted up:

1JZPWRD 01-16-13 10:39 AM

Homemade plastic with ABS for gauges and ipod connection:

Broken console piece, wont stay in place:

Homemade V160 shifter cover, beat up bad:

Carpet broken, missing plastic secured piece:

Spotted upper trim on passenger side:

Scuffed misc. panels:

rcchris7 01-16-13 10:46 AM

Going to be quite the car.. 2jz/v160 is a great start for sure ;) I'm sure it'll turn out great, I read all 50+ pages of your build :)

1JZPWRD 01-16-13 10:47 AM

Interior coming apart:

Didn't remove the headliner yet:

Door panels beat up a bit:

Shifter cover beat up a bit:

New door handle come in:

Rear speaker cover cloth will also be recovered and painted black:

Some pieces painted with SEM, this is with only 2 coats:

1JZPWRD 01-16-13 10:57 AM

Need black seat belts with buckles, door switches covers, seat slide plastic pieces, antenna, and the visors in black. This will be done in about 3-4 weeks if all goes well. I am awaiting some other pieces to come in, and my paint that I ordered to arrive this afternoon.

1JZPWRD 01-16-13 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by rcchris7 (Post 7706979)
Going to be quite the car.. 2jz/v160 is a great start for sure ;) I'm sure it'll turn out great, I read all 50+ pages of your build :)

Well thanks man. It is going to be a lot of fun and time consuming, but I hope it actually turns out better than mine did. Time will tell. I am perfection on a lot of stuff, this will test me. :)

Acer 01-16-13 11:27 AM


DuWerke 01-16-13 11:39 AM

Definitely paying attention to this. I'm in the process of sourcing a few interior pieces on mine as well. Need to make the car look as good as it drives.

supraclone 01-16-13 11:50 AM

Much thanks to Mark AKA 1jzpwrd.... Hope it turns out as great as yours.... Now just need drag pack to put it to the road...

1JZPWRD 01-16-13 02:10 PM

Thanks for the compliments fella's. I will have a lot of work done today if all goes well. This rain really sucks and puts a damper on things. Tired of it. I haven't drove my SC in over a week due to the weather. I cleaned and prepped a few more pieces and are ready for paint. I have ordered the oem steering wheel with airbag, should be here this week, and will pick the speaker cloth this week also. Once the dynomat comes in, I will clean everything and start putting things back together. Updates will be done as they come. I think I will install 6x9 in rear and 6 1/2 in the front by Polk Audio.

Cleaned the rear pieces with their handles:

Man, these were dirty:

Arm rest came out great:

This new piece cleaned up nice. I have to install the blue LED bulb and she will be set. NO more silly holes.

Also all the lights, except for needles will be replaced with LED's. The climate control will be sent off and redone to Lextech. I have to order a new LCD screen, this one is wore.

Sorry to jump around, but I will post as more progress becomes a word of mouth.

97-SC300 01-16-13 02:15 PM

Looks like you got your work cut out for you man.... you're off to a great start though. Nice work.

P.S Didn't you say that his bezel was unmodified? Unless the one in the pics with the zip ties is someone elses lol.

lilSCsteve 01-16-13 03:03 PM

Mark, that's turning out quite NICE! Those arm rests are complete night and day! Can't wait to see the end results...I know it's going to be STELLAR! supraclone, your SC is in good hands!


xHypnofish 01-16-13 03:14 PM

Looking good so far! Im interested to see whats going to happen with some of the cracked plastic pieces. Hopefully you decide to fix them and just replace them so i can see how you did it. a few of my pieces are in need of some tlc.

Joey-E 01-16-13 03:14 PM

Keep it up man, sooner or later it will look nice and it be all worth it :thumbup::)

sc400ka 01-16-13 03:37 PM

kind of wonderin how to remove the shifter trim so i can get my climate control out.

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