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simplified 08-26-12 03:21 PM

my CL intro and build thread....
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purchased my sc in january and became a member on cl soon after.
due to my crazy life schedule i just recently had time to get into the shop and start this project.
so here are some pics of the work so far...all comments welcome and sorry all you wheel ****s
but no crazy offsets and blown out fenders here.

lists of parts so far...

r1 concepts rotors front and rear
ls400 calipers
bc coilovers
rota grids
6k hids

i have a few more chassis mods would like to get finished and then i will be putting my 1j r154 swap in a month or two and will post pics
of this aswell.thanks guys.

JZZ30ger 08-26-12 03:27 PM

looks good. I just don't feel the gold emblems. Maybe matte black would look good. But it's your car and your choice. Keep it up.
Any future plans?

KingPhilip 08-26-12 03:40 PM

Nice, our SC's are like twins from different dimensions... :D:D:D Welcome to CL!

SC4MIKE 08-26-12 04:46 PM

Where in VA are you located? I'm down in the Peninsula, the Hampton Roads area.
Nice looking car btw, and welcome!

Toyboxx 08-26-12 04:56 PM

Totally jealous, I've been looking for gold emblems! Love the whip man. I'm gonna go with the same type of style of wheels (XXR 530's)

Our cars will eventually be twins. I'm in the process of swapping in a full Soarer 1JZGTE R154 Swap. Taking forever though

4urxtc 08-26-12 05:27 PM

Nice lookin ride! I love having a 1jz but I need bigger brakes. I just ordered up my set to put on. I like the white and bronze. Looks great!

1JZPWRD 08-26-12 06:44 PM

Another new member with a great start. Car looks good, just the way it sits. Nothing crazy or extreme, just simple yet elegant...

Welcome to CL!

lilSCsteve 08-26-12 07:12 PM

Very nice! And as 1992Lexus stated, you're off to a great start. You can't go wrong with the 1J either! Thx for sharing!

1jzchris 08-26-12 07:48 PM

welcome to CL, you car looks good. I like the white with gold rims.

simplified 08-26-12 07:57 PM

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thanks for comments guys...i also replaced the climate control,e-brake boot,and relocated the harness that runs in the fenderwell.trying to get the car in pristine shape before i dump money into my swap.lucky for me i found a clean car from the start.

food7373 08-26-12 08:16 PM

Beautiful car man! Can't wait for the swap!

IneednSC 08-26-12 09:04 PM

wooow gold on white looks amazing! everyone seems to jump for black but this looks great......glad to see someone in va with some taste lol cant wait until mine gets here.

sr71b 08-26-12 09:07 PM

nice start i can't wait to pick mine up

xspsi6 08-26-12 10:34 PM

Wow clean car! Where did you find those Lexus decals for the brakes? I have been trying to find them for almost 1 year now to no avl...

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