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Esteban 04-17-12 03:20 AM

My 2GS project
Hello, my name is Stefan from Belgium.
After several years snooping around and gather informationon on this forum, it is time to propose my project.

To begin, my Lexus GS300 is built in 1998 and has 138,000 miles walked.
Almost 2 years ago i bought this Lexus GS300 to replace my Honda Accord.

Considering the age, ths car was in very good condition.

On the windscreen there was rust due to poor treatment by replacement and some small dents.

This has already happened:

- NewOEM front bumper
- OEM rear bumper
- Nev OEM headlights
- New windshield
- Many new OEM parts
- TTE front lip
- Cleaned frontbumper
- VS-KF Work Wheels 19x8.5 +16 and 19x9.5 +8
- Toyo Tires 215-35-19 and 225-35-19
- Viair Airride based on K-sport suspension
- Wheel edge rear modified to fit the wheels
- Facelift taillights
- Fully repainted in original color

On air without rear wheels, did not fit

Esteban 04-17-12 03:26 AM

Delivered to repaint the car

Esteban 04-17-12 03:29 AM

Until today, but are not the best pictures....

ErickGS300 04-17-12 04:32 AM

Hey Stefan,

Nice to see you on CL. Great looking car.

/209JOHN\ 04-17-12 04:42 AM

Sweet ride Stefan. It def came out cleannnn

04tl 04-17-12 05:54 AM

Damn that paint work is clean bro.. What are the specs on the wheels ??

LuxuryGS3 04-17-12 06:12 AM

Looks good! Just need to throw some spacers on those wheels and it'll be sittin' really clean!

ErickGS300 04-17-12 06:23 AM


Originally Posted by 04tl (Post 7168329)
What are the specs on the wheels ??

Read and not just look. It's in the first topic. :p

Infamous 1 04-17-12 06:53 AM

Damn your car looks good! What are your future plans for the car?

YviE 04-17-12 06:56 AM



JDMJNKY 04-17-12 08:08 AM

Damn vskf's look dope on there! Congrats man good work!

03SPDESIGN 04-17-12 08:48 AM

Nice looking car.......

jadu 04-17-12 08:48 AM

dayam, looks brand new!

Esteban 04-17-12 12:37 PM

Thanks guy's for the great comments :thumbup:

The further plans are a complete ice installation in the trunk and further clean up of the engine bay..., adjust some details, I still waiting for some parts that I ordered....

During construction, is nearly complete interior removed for cleaning.

Cleaned 50/50 parts

Also immediately placed the cables needed for ice

The air gauge in the center console and buttons is already in place

And jadu; the car is almost new, just the chasis :D

justablkv8 04-17-12 12:51 PM

Holy jeebus.

You want a free flight to the US? room, board and access to whatever else you want.

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