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ISF4life 01-21-12 07:34 PM

ISF4Life Builds
Got the ISF yesterday and today coudlnt waited any longer to installed some goodies :p , JIC coils, joez intake, Tom's front lip, and Radar detector and all LED interior and LED drl.

MisterSkiz 01-21-12 07:42 PM

Hmmm the rear bumper looks like it has been repainted and is a different color :/

Temptation 01-21-12 07:44 PM

Congrats on the purchase ! good mod choices so far. :thumbup:

ISF4life 01-21-12 07:48 PM

my iphone and the light from the plate, this car is practically brand new 18572 miles :) oh i forgot the fsport rear sway bar too lolz .. handling much better than stock :P

ShadowISF 01-21-12 08:05 PM

Congrats on your new F! :p How is the F compared to your previous 350? I believe you had a pretty modded IS 350.

ILowNslowI 01-21-12 08:06 PM

clean set up!

MisterSkiz 01-21-12 08:26 PM

I was surprised by the difference with the fsport rear sway bar. the car feels more neutral.

bnizzle87 01-21-12 08:36 PM

Congrats on the car! Nice touch with the blue Joe Z intake and oil cap!

TommyT 01-21-12 08:37 PM

Nice F
Gotta check it out your new F =)

ISF4life 01-21-12 08:40 PM

After the Jic coils and the rear fsport sway bar , handling like a champ, :) My old IS350 has ppe header and full tanabe exhaust and Fsport intake so whenever i stepped on it.. deep growl nice sound... ISF a bit quiet for a V8 that going to get resolved soon after Joez Exhaust and PPE header later.... :) and i'm sure it will sounds much better than an 3.5 liter ;)

edgeucated 01-21-12 08:40 PM

congrats! that's some fast modding. Installing the coils would have taken me almost the entire day, that is unless you got a shop to install the mods for you

KillaIS250 01-21-12 08:46 PM

Congrats! Very nice upgrade! I remember seeing your IS350 at the Friday night meet lol

tmf2004 01-21-12 08:49 PM

Congrats... IS-F looks great..

Fivepoint0 01-21-12 08:55 PM

congrats on the new IS-F kody. got to check it out sometime. (take some pics together maybe)

Joe Z 01-21-12 09:01 PM


From stock to modded in a very short time... :thumbup: :thumbup:

Looks like you went to visit Tommy @ MusicBox for the installs.. :D

Looks Great..!!

~ Joe Z

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